The Northern Planes

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The Northern Planes

Post by Kami-Sama on Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:35 am

The Northern Plains Also known as the White Plains are exactly that what they are named after Desolate White Planes, Deep Snow and Ice, Frozen lakes and Here and there a Small Frozen bush, it really looks like a Dead Place but even here there are Things living in this Harsh enviroment, Fish under the Water and A lot of Moss Under the Snow that Thrives even under the Snow.. most of the Year it is dark 24 hours, but in the Summer months it has 8 day's Strait of 24 hours sunlight (the Summer months last about 1 and a Half Months the rest are Winter Months)
some massive ice dunes also fill the plains


The Dead, Bring Chaos...These 4 Bring Death...

(with Thanks too NathanCX)

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