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Itake Family biography and History

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Itake Family biography and History Empty Itake Family biography and History

Post by Kami-Sama on Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:07 pm

-- Clan History -->

--- Pre History -->

The Start
of The Itake Family is not Known, But Speculations Say that it was Born
Via a Man and an Ice Fiend Falling in Love, and From that Line They
Descended, The Exact location isn't known where this Happened but they
Say it happened on the Spot where now the Grand Itake Family house
is...altho Not Habbited anymore, exept for the Last Warden, an Old man
with all the Knowledge of the Itake Family..

--- History -->

Family was Alway's Shrouded in Mist, nobody of the Itake Family was Too
tell a Thing about there Heritage or Powers, There was also Alway's a
Strickt order in The Clan, As they where one of the Most powerfull
Family's who Controlled ice, and they Did it with a Special Bloodline
Limit, the "Ameritsu" Limit, There where Alway's 2 groups in the
Family, and instead of the Men being the Dominant ones, it where the
Women who leaded the entire family, The men where not even allowed too
Know how too Activate the Kekkai genkai for a long time, Only 50 Years
ago Men where Finaly allowed too do it, but only Those Chosen by the
Leader of the Clan, after Some time Living in Solitude they where
Called Several times by the Mizukage, but they Never Replied, and
Everytime the Mizukage Tried too Find them, they wouldn't be found,
untill a Little girl Ran from the Place, she Ended up a Woman at the
Land of the Same time The Mizukage Found the Itake Family
household and launched Several attacks against it, all
After 12 Bloody years the Remnants of the Itake Family Dispersed and
most of them Where Hunted and Killed or Captured and Tortured
horrendesly.. it's now Unknown Howmany people of The Itake Family
remain, Most of them have Taken Cover under other Names, but some of
them Still have the Power too Controll the Ameritsu Limit, and they are
Still Ready too Use it...

-- Clan Symbol -->

Itake Family biography and History Itakeclansymbol

-- Kekkai Genkai --> (The Ameritsu Limit)

--- Stage one -->

----- Name --> Ameritsu Herutina (Frozen Winds)

Activation --> Focus your Chakra in a Special Kind of way too Create
a Vortex where The Purest of water that is below Freezing because it
comes from a other place.

00----- Powers --> This Water Can
be Frozen or not Frozen, and it can be used to Fire a Jet of water or
Shards of Ice. if ice Shards are fired they Look like glass and can
cause Mirrages Like 2 or 3 more Shards.
The effect of the Water
cannon can be Life Threating Because of it's Power and the
Coldness...if you get hit even Slightly the Water Will freeze up
because the Pressure is lost..
When Shot Strait in the Sky the
Effect is that the Water Freezes up in mid air then Falls down as Ice
Shards Devastating a Large Area..
this Technique is very Draining But Has the effect of being able to Completely Annihilate the enemy...

--- Stage two -->

----- Name --> Ameritsu Haruka (Frozen Heavens)

Activation --> She Creates a Vortex over her head like alway's but
this time it's Inverted so directed too her, It would not Shoot out
Just Plain Ice cold water or Superfrozen water, but Pure Clearblue
water that Would Directly Solidify Trapping her for about a second,
after that second is over the Ice Shatters Revealing her New Looks, but
in this state she Gets more then just new looks...The water That Turned
too ice too incage her and then Shatter will keep Floating around her
As Ice Particles and water Glitter, Beeing Small enough it wouldn't
melt Simply by a Simple amount of Salt applied..

00----- Powers
--> The power of This Second Stage Kekkai genkai, is that she will
be able too Summon not 1 but Multiple Vortexes and It would Take her
alot less time too make them.. the Water that comes out is also
Different then before, it will not Freeze out on it's own. it would
Take The Command of the User before it would, also the water and ice
Can be controlled, and it takes less Chakra because it's not a Violent
Happening that Occurs Draining Someones Chakra in 30 seconds, The Ice
Glitter and Water Glitter Floating around her Can also be Controlled
too around 8m diameter (4 meters in every direction from the user)
can use it as Darts or as Lengthend Arms too Freeze someone if she
wants...she can create up too 4 and if she Focusses enough She would
need it too Materialize too more Solid Ice but it could be used as
Lifting arms...
without most of her Armor And Sword she Also is
Faster then she is with the armor, and She can alway's the The Sword
back if she wants too...
if finished she Would Turn too Ice for a second or two and then Shatter Revealing her normal self again...

Extra --> The Humidity would Get Higher and Temperature would Drop
several Degree's Celcius but never more then 3 or 4 Degree's of it's
Origional level, even tho this takes minute or 2 too Happen..

--- Stage Three -->

----- Name --> Ameritsu Taika Hade (Black Freezing Heavens)

Aquirement --> A Straining Meditation Infront of the Itake Family
Heritage Stone would be needed that would Last a total of 24 hours, in
those 24 hours the Person would Experience pain, Hellish pain, while A
Seal and Power is beeing Transferred too this person, after those 24
hours The Person is Stronger, but doesn't have anything extra yet, only
a Small Black Stripe under the left eye..

THE ITAKE FAMILY, (just like the Mangekyou Sharingan from the Uchiha's))

Activation --> After The Person Has Aquired this New Skill, When the
Person wants too Activate, they need 5 minutes of Meditation through
the Hellish Pains from before, But After That, The Person Would Turn
Too Ice, a Vortex would Appear below them, and they would Dissapear,
and at there Random Choosing they would Return, With there Permanent
New look and new powers...

------- Stage Three Part 1 -->

Powers --> Unknown, it is Said that a Person Could Summon Ice
Dragons and What ever they wanted within Seconds, aslong as it has been
with Ice, but some say that they Could even do Several Fire Technique's,

Extra --> They Would Be Able too Summon The White Wolves of the
Mountains, Because everytime these 3rd Stage People Would Come, The
Wolfs Follow Closely, They would Alway's befriend with the Pack leader,
and the Leader would Life aslong as the Person Lives...

------- Stage Three Part 2 -->

0------ Activation --> Unknown

00----- Powers --> Unknown

000---- Extra --> Unknown

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Itake Family biography and History Empty Re: Itake Family biography and History

Post by Keiko Neisan on Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:34 am

Nice Shadow^^
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