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Saiyou/Sai (Return from AnimeAddicted Version 1)

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Saiyou/Sai (Return from AnimeAddicted Version 1) Empty Saiyou/Sai (Return from AnimeAddicted Version 1)

Post by Yanjin on Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:15 pm

Name: Saiyou/Sai

Age: 21

Gender: male

Height: 6'2"

Race: Human

Class: Missing Nin ~ Ex-Kage of Sumizome ~Ex-member of the Arakuta clan

Appearance: Saiyou is a tall, broadly built man (muscular). He has shoulder-length black hair, a sharp face. He has deep dark-blue eyes as Saiyou but when he becomes Sai his eyes turn a deep Emerald-Green. Although, when Saiyou is in control of the body he tends to wear a blindfold. As for what he wears it is a set of plain white clothes with his whole body covered by a large, black, hooded cloak.

Personality (Saiyou): Saiyou has become surprisingly calm in the two years he has been a missing Nin. Nowadays it seems as though he leaves the fighting mainly up to Sai but if Saiyou decides to fight then he will do so with all his power, never holding back even if the enemy is far weaker than he is. At times Saiyou can come off as quite cold but the thing is that he hates showing any sign of care towards people as he sees it as an insult because it implies they need to be protected by him. One thing that is a major factor to Saiyou’s personality is that he has become blinded (Read Bio for more).

Personality (Sai): Sai, although being the same person has Saiyou has developed to be almost the polar opposite of Saiyou. Sai is more cold and calculating than Saiyou, often opting to play with enemies weaker than him rather than - as Saiyou puts it - “putting them out of their misery”. Sai usually tends to enjoy winding Saiyou up and trying to get him to fight people. Sai usually tends to let Saiyou take control for more social situations as when it comes to being sociable, Sai, to put it simply: sucks.

Attacks: Since Saiyou has started training he has focused more on the speed of his attacks instead of the power of them. This has not made his attacks any weaker but has just mean that most of the time someone is already cut in half before they have chance to react to his movements. Saiyou tends to favour using his sword over his elemental powers, though he tends to infuse his sword with a specific attack to create a more devastating effect. Like all Arakuta family members Saiyou and Sai both possess the power to unleash, using ancient powers and spirits to greatly increase all of their power. Sai and Saiyou can never fully unleash because their body would be ripped to shreds, leaving nothing left but dust.

Items/Weapons: Two Katana that are by either side of his belt.

Biography: Two years ago Saiyou died at the hands of Sai, leaving his spirit wandering freely around the Earth. Sai then started targeting random people but then he split his body in two, leaving his true form (Will be referred to in full for this bio) and his clone (referred to as just “Sai” in this bio). True-Form-Sai then attempted to destroy the remaining members of the clan whereas Sai started protecting Yumiko as he was the most like Saiyou out of the split Sai. These two Sai’s eventually started fighting.

Sumizome and their newly elected Kage “Yakatu” then sent out orders to destroy Sai for killing Saiyou. This lead to great confusion as there were now two Sais running around. True-Form-Sai then hid away, leaving Sai to take the brunt of the attack.

Leading the attack was Taku, the head of Sumizome’s Assassin division and possibly the most powerful warrior in Sumizome. Fake, Ei, Taize, Tamika and Uanu also participated in the attack.

Yumiko was being controlled by Mei using a cystal which was linked to a collar around Yumiko’s neck, forcing her to obey the exact word of whoever was in possession of the crystal. Sai soon stole the crystal from Mei, putting him in full control of Yumiko.

After a final goodbye Saiyou went to Sai and asked to become part of his body, just like Yakatu was once a member of Saiyou’s body. The agreement for this was that Saiyou would lend Sai all of his power, allowing the two to become a near-unstoppable fighting force. After sharing the bodies time as fairly as they could, Saiyou hiding himself in order to protect Yumiko (This meant that now Saiyou could control Yumiko fully). Soon after this though it was found out that they hadn’t factored in just how much power unleashing would have on their body, unfortunately this was found out and Sai tried to stop the unleashing power, eventually leading to his supposed death, leaving only Saiyou in the body and also without any power. Saiyou was hunted by the Sumizome warriors as he looked like Sai, it seemed at times that Tamika recognised Saiyou but she never seemed to press the point, making it seem she had a lack of care for it or merely just to keep the peace, the real reason however was that Tamika was loyal to Yakatu and if push-came-to-shove then she would kill Saiyou without a moments hesitation. Soon Yumiko found out it was Saiyou and wanted to protect him, she even went so far as to carve out a massive crystal cavern that would hide them away from the rest of the world.

After a while Taize and Ei confronted Saiyou, leaving him fighting them with no choice but to defend himself. He played the defensive for most of the battle but soon realised that he couldn’t even defend against them after being stabbed through the shoulder by Taize. When he started attacking he was, surprising, able to hold his own against the two of them, unfortunately the stress of this caused Saiyou’s powers to return and he accidentally injured Taize greatly. Fake and Saiyou then ended up squaring off, Saiyou, for the first time since he had become one with Sai had begun using his unleashing power but was still beaten by Fake and, in his blind rage had almost killed Taize.

After his Saiyou fled with Yumiko (whom he had commanded to “stay”) as he felt Taku’s presence. When he fled it was unfortunately no good as Taku and Fake followed him but before Taku reached them Saiyou and Yumiko were being attacked by true-form-Sai who had finally revealed himself after months of hiding. When Taku arrived all he did was kill true-form-Sai with a single arrow and then leave. Saiyou then proceeded to take and consume some of true-form-Sai’s blood to make him even more powerful.

Soon Yaktu found out about what Taize had done to Saiyou (Thanks to Fake informing Yakatu) and went berserk, deciding to kill Saiyou himself. A few weeks later Saiyou turned up in Yakatu’s office and they started arguing, the only reason they calmed down was because of Yakatu’s girlfriend Su calming Yakatu down (by arguing with Saiyou surprisingly). Soon after this Saiyou started running around, taking out Arakuta outposts in an attempt to draw Yakatu’s attention from Yumiko’s location.

During the time Saiyou was away from Yumiko, Fake had gained control over Yumiko by obtaining the crystal and due to Saiyou’s condition he would be unable to defeat Fake.

Saiyou soon set up an attack to capture Mei with Taku (Taku was on orders from Yakatu and Saiyou was doing it of his own accord as he believed Mei was the only person who could take the collar off of Yumiko). This was interrupted by a separate attack on Mei and Riku.

Saiyou eventually captured Mei and was aided by Tamika and Uanu. Uanu used his powers to tie Mei to a tree and after realising Mei was useless for the situation Saiyou finally did what he should have done long ago and slit Mei’s throat (She survived but Saiyou doesn’t know of this).

Saiyou then came into contact with the ancients (of crystal village). Tsuna (one of the ancients) explained how she could easily remove the collar but Saiyou had become too paranoid to take their help. Though Tamika went behind his back and went to Tsuna, asking for help and leading her to Yumiko. The collar was successfully removed by Yumiko who then fled the area, followed by Saiyou who knocked her out using his Mangekyou Sharingan. Soon after she awoke her powers got out of control and Saiyou used his Mangekyou to essentially put a mental “bottle cap” on her powers, sealing them off but this lead to Saiyou becoming blinded from the overuse of his power.

Saiyou was so angered by his lack of sight that he started to train relentlessly, almost killing himself in the process as he was using Wind Manipulation constantly so that he could feel his surroundings instead of just seeing them, this lead to him becoming too powerful. He started to truly unleash which lead to Sai’s revival and he managed to stop Saiyou’s unleashing by keeping control. Surprising Sai still has full vision as the blindness is a mental condition. Sai soon left Yumiko to go and see what had changed only to be chased out of Sumizome by Yakatu.

Saiyou soon returned to the forest to discover that Yumiko had left, he desperately searched everywhere for her, finally leading him to the conclusion that she had abandoned him. This caused Saiyou to become a traveller, soon finding out he had been classed as a missing Nin. Saiyou and Sai both trained relentlessly, becoming stronger than either of them had ever imagined. Saiyou has always kept that feeling of abandonment and has, very sadly, lead him to hate Yumiko and everything connected to her, forcing himself to forget all of their history together (though he could still recall it if he wanted). Saiyou and Sai have learnt to work together, fighting as two people in one body, each relying on the others battle tactics and usually co-operating to get themselves out of any bad situations that might arise.

Stolen Attacks:
Byakugan - Hinata
Sharingan - Yakatu (Mangekyou level)
Teleportation - unknown
Blood hunting - Arakuta power
Elemental Control - advanced Chakra control
Blue Sharingan (the power to slow time itself or make yourself go faster) - Sai’s power, unknown origins

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Saiyou/Sai (Return from AnimeAddicted Version 1) Empty Re: Saiyou/Sai (Return from AnimeAddicted Version 1)

Post by Keiko Neisan on Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:21 pm

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