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Akura Empty Akura

Post by Yanjin on Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:19 pm

Name: Akura

Height: 5’11

Age: 256

Race: Vampire

Appearance He’s tall and slim with long, black, greasy hair that flows down his back. He wears a black shirt and dark blue, tight-fitting jeans. He also wears a tight, dark-grey jacket that is always done up at the front.

Biography/Personality: Akura was blooded into the Vampire race at the age of 23 and has not aged a day in the last 233 years but his fashion styles and hair styles have changed to fit the decade he’s living in. When he was human he was surrounded by many, great friends and even had a wife, he was a happy, flirtatious man who seemed to get on with everyone he met but when he became a Vampire he killed all of his friends and family and it’s even rumoured that he killed his own wife, the killing of his closest friends and family has left Akura as a somewhat disturbed man, taking pleasure in the despair of others just so he can see how his pain would have felt had he been human. He’s very “antisocial” when it comes to other vampires and tends to ignore them on a whole but fights them when he has to. As for feeding, he prefers to go after women as he enjoys the chase more than the kill, hunting them sometimes for days at a time, using a variety of methods to get close to them or just to track them. He likes to see Human’s emotions just to see how they react in certain situation, usually using this to help him hunt humans, his disturbed nature means that people tend to prefer the front the puts on instead of who he actually is. Before he kills anyone he whispers an unknown sentence into the victims ear, nobody knows what he says but it’s said that it helps guide the person into the afterlife. After killing he tends to rip the prey’s heart out, and eats it. Akura usually seduces his prey before killing them, making them trust him or care for him but when he’s desperate for blood he can be quicker to the point and just kill them outright.

Abilities/Attacks: He’s very good at hand to hang combat and rarely uses long-range weaponry because of his almost God-like speed. His main abilities are; Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Enhanced senses such as eyesight, hearing and smell. His powers are surprisingly advanced for a vampire his age and his abilities still have yet to become fully-blooded. Just like most vampires his eyes can easily seduce anyone of the opposite sex and make them drop any defences. He also has the ability to phase into solid objects, allowing him to travel around areas. Akura can also fly for short distances but not for too long as it drains his energy, meaning he usually just jumps to most places.

Relationships with other characters: None

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Akura Empty Re: Akura

Post by Keiko Neisan on Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:37 pm

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