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Quinn Fireheat

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Quinn Fireheat Empty Quinn Fireheat

Post by Mains on Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:36 pm

Name: Quinn Fireheat

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 1,84 M

Weight: 72 kg

Race: Human/Ryuu

Class: Dragon overlord

In Armor:

Quinn Fireheat V8j2ip

Normal outfit:
Quinn Fireheat 14npd4

Half Dragon Transformation/s:
Quinn Fireheat 11wbocp

Dragon Transformation/s:
Quinn Fireheat BlackDragon
Quinn Fireheat 2mewqcp

He is a friendly natured person, but he has a bit of a temper. He isn't used to having people near him because he used a lot of his time alone. He is happy and easy to get exited.

Human Form: Quinn uses a self thought martial art.
But he can also transform his body parts to dragon parts, but this will make it more easy for Stalker to take control.

Dragon form; His Dragon form has evolved since his training with the fourth Hokage, so now he is able to manipulate the fire he shoots to send it into different directions.
He has 5 types of flames.
1: The normal flame you would see on a torch.
2: A normal Dragon flame, wich is usualy much stronger than a normal flame.
3: A blue flame, its not ass strong as the others, but it still does some damage.
4: A black flame, This flame is the strongest of the flames. It can destroy houses if shot at the right amount of strenght, and it takes hours to burn out.
5: The new Evolved Flame he created by mixing all the others. It is green and he calls it the anihilator. He only used it once so far, and that was in training so he doesn't know it's efects yet.


Ryuu general:
Faster healing.
Dragon transformation.
Treasure finding.

Black Dragon:
Imunity to flames.
Incredible strength.

Red Dragon:
Imunity to falmes.
Incredible Strength.
Intimidating attacks.

Long sword.
Overlord Armor.

Quinn grew up in a small village in the mountains. There were many villagers and they all lived peacefully. The village was hidden so no Human could find it. The reason the village was hidden is that it was a village of Dragons. But these Dragons are not like in the fairytales. These Dragons are only part Dragons. They are Descendants of Shoa, The Dragon God of darkness. The villagers prayed to Shoa everyday in the church. Quinn grew up learning the manners of the village folk. Quinn started to train to be one of the overlords, when he was four years old. It was his dad that made him train so that he too could be one of the proud Dragon warriors. But somehow Quinn was Different. His dragon powers developed later than other kids his age. And he started to talk to himself. But not only did he talk to himself, he called himself Stalker. Quinn’s father was worried as Stalker was what the other Dragon Gods, had called Shoa in the tales. He called the other overlords to a meeting to discuss the possibility of Quinn being possessed by Shoa. They started to watch Quinn’s development and as Quinn grew to be five they were all terrified as he transformed for the first time. He was a black dragon. But that’s not the part that freaked the others out. It was because he had full control of his powers. They soon realized that Quinn might grow too powerful for them to handle. Quinn’s father promised to make sure that he would watch over Quinn to make sure that wouldn’t happen. On Quinn’s 6th birthday, he seemed more happy than normal. He went out to play with his best friend Haseo. Or so he said. He really just went out of the village to a small lake not far from the mountain. He looked at his reflexion in the water and smirked. His right eye glowing red. Haseo went after Quinn to find out what was going on. He saw Quinn sitting at the lake talking to himself. So Haseo went back to the village. After an hour Quinn came back.
He stood in the middle of the village and had his eyes closed. Some villagers asked if he was allright and he nodded to them. After he had been standing for six hours he opened his eyes and his right eye was glowing red. He held his hand up to a young woman and she looked at him. He smirked and shot a green fireball at the villager. She screamed as she fell to the ground burning.
Quinn transformed and started to burn down the village. The other Dragons raised and transformed to defend the Village, though they were no match for Quinn. It was like he had the strength of a god.
After he had burned down the village and the villagers along with it he flew back to the lake. He transformed back and his eye stopped glowing. His smile returned and he walked back to the village.
As he saw the burning ruins his heart broke. He couldn’t believe that the village had burned down in the time he was gone. He left the village as he thought everyone was dead. He then remembered the stories of a dragon Overlord living outside the village. He went to him and he was accepted as a student. He trained for several years. Then one day he started to talk to himself again. And it didn’t take long before he even killed his master. Quinn started to realize what he was. He stated to travel alone in denial of the truth. He travelled for many years and slept as little as possible to keep the voices away. After some years he went back to the village and rebuilt what he could and removed most of the burned tree. He rebuilt the church and used it as his home. He then took one of the Overlord armours and wore it as a protector of the village.

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Quinn Fireheat Empty Re: Quinn Fireheat

Post by Keiko Neisan on Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:57 pm

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