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The Mountain village [Ruins]

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The Mountain village [Ruins] Empty The Mountain village [Ruins]

Post by Mains on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:09 pm

This village is located on top of a mountain. It's a normal sized village and it seems like it was normal humans who lived there. All the buildings has been burned down and most of them completely destroyed. However, the church is still standing, and it looks like it hasn't been touched. There is something written over the front door, but it's not in any known language. The church has too rooms and a basement. The first room is ofcourse where the benches and the alter is located. There is a painting over the alter. It resembles a black dragon slaying a human king. The second room is in the back of the church. It's the room the priest used to live in. However it looks like it's being used by someone else at the moment. The basement is mostly empty, though there is some food reserves down there, as if someone was actually living there.

The church looks like this:
The Mountain village [Ruins] 4757562_kylemore_abbey_gothic_church-600

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