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Kanda Yuchirou

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Kanda Yuchirou Empty Kanda Yuchirou

Post by Desney on Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:49 am

Name: Kanda Yuchirou

Nickname: The black Wolf

Age: 17

Height: 1.70 Meter

Weight: 55.8 KG

Race: Demon Wolf/human


Appearance: Wolf appearance
Kanda Yuchirou Okami

Kanda Yuchirou Forest-1

Personality: Kanda is a very alert person but is nice to friendly people altough he had a rought past Mostly he runs away from any thread to him

Items/Weapons: In human form 1 Sword

Biography: Born in a small village where people believed that they where protected by the wolf spirits but on a day the town was attacked be bandits who wanted gold and other valuable stuff everyone fighted the bandits but lost Kanda with his familiy and other people runned to Wolf Mountain to a ancient temple for the wolf spirits the asked for help but didn't gain any answer. They tought they needed to sacrifice someone and because Kanda was the Youngest they wanted him to be sacrafised the parents from him said no but all the other people wanted to sacrafice him and started to kill the parents for there own sake. Kanda cried but when they wanted to sacrafise Kanda a Light appeared and Kanda thought it was beautifull and stopped crying he touched the light and ''Absorbed" it and changed to a Wolf the people where scared and ranned away since than he lived there and hunt on his own.

8 Years Later:

8 Years later he wanted to discover the world and travelled to city's and such but transformed into a wolf at a river but didn't saw that a Man was looking he became scared and ranned to the city and told several people about it and they began hunting Kanda because of his Wolf power and a battle was necessary. First he couldn't do anything but than he activated his power for the first time. To Use Water Flame and Electricity in his wolf form so thats why he wonned that match and is since than on the run for those hunters

Ability's: To use Water Flame and Electricity power Can heal someone else but not himself and has the power to create some smaller illusions In wolf form he has a strong nose and hearing senses.

Attacks: Fire Water and electricity attacks and some weaker genjutsu's in wolf form in Human form he fights with his sword skills but hasn't any strong attacks.

Relationships with Other Characters:

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Kanda Yuchirou Empty Re: Kanda Yuchirou

Post by Denno on Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:25 am

Kanda Yuchirou ZombieApproved

Kanda Yuchirou Exhaustion__Vampire_Knight__by_TragicAntiHero

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