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Aleera Vladimir

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Aleera Vladimir Empty Aleera Vladimir

Post by Gritasa on Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:27 am

Name: Aleera Vladimir.

Height: 1,75

Age: Over the 500 years old..

Race: Vampire

Appearance Detailed description or a picture please:
Aleera Vladimir Gothic_girl--large-msg-11557491639
She always wear black because she's still mourning.

Biography: (she's an character from an other RP.. so not every thing is.. like a 'good' vampire haha..)
She's a grandchild of the famous count Dracula, her father is Vladimir 'vlad' Dracula. She was born in a castle somewhere in Transylvania.
She loved the castle knowing she would be the one who ruled over the others, she liked to rule over other vampires playing the boss at a very young age. Since she could walk and talk she was giving people orders to do. Since her father was the 'king' people had no word against her.
Aleera learned to fly with her black leather like wings on a late age(15 years old). She always was ashamed that she couldn't fly. (born vampires learn to fly at an age of 5, people who got bitten mostly very soon after they turn into a vampire.)
But one day a new vampire came in the Castle, called Loppe. Loppe came from an other country called England and couldn't speak with words. Before she bleed into the vampire race she was deaf and couldn't speak.

Aleera got an respect for Loppe and ordered the other vampires to learn how to communicate with sine language. So it was easy to understand for her. Aleera was very soft for Loppe not allowing anyone to hurt her. The two started an love relation ship and Loppe learned Aleera how to fly and win her angst against the heights.

They became lovers something her father didn't planned for her. Aleera was not supposed to love someone or something but the castle.
Aleera did grow older while protecting her love from her father, but one day the castle got an surprise attack by a large vampire hunting group. It was a big fight and she will rever it as 'the big fight'. The only time ever her castle got attacked.

-just minutes after the 'big fight'-
As I stood there, in the big hall with my back to the main doors. I swallowed, for the first time in my life I saw living beings. But I never knew what I would discover just so soon after this.
I heard some foot steps and I turned around just a couple vampires had survived this? There where just 18 Vampires still alive. I looked at the ground, and sighed. I walked out the room and started to look for the only thing what's important to me. Walking to my main bed room. I opened the door, what I saw.. I don't even want to describe what I saw. My father kneeling on my bed next to the body of a woman. The wooden stack in the chest of her.. the most important thing in my whole live. I stood there and I saw my father Vladimir looking up to see who was there and smiling. "Aleera your not supposed to love her.. Your not supposed to love anything." I heard my father say that and swallowed he killed her. Every thing.. Every thing she liked.. Always.. her father took it away from her.

I can't remember me killing my own father but when I was back to sense it was during his funeral. I still know the feeling of hate what was in my body. Knowing I will wear black forever but not because of my father but for the person he did took away from me.

People may see her as a arrogant woman who thinks she is every thing, but she knows she is the most important person in her life. Because once she had something what was more important than herself it was taken away by her father. She doesn't like other people loving each other. Only she can love someone, she want to love again.

She got the ruler of the castle when she was just 75 years old, and stayed the ruler. She also did got an brother but she abandoned him because she saw him loving an other man. What is very hypocritical because she is also same sex loving, but she couldn't stand him being happy with an other man.. It was just sick in her eye's.

The group of vampires was very small in her castle but it did started to grow. Her rules where simple but she made the vampires living up to it.

Just temporally she is out of her castle for the first time in her life.

Personality: Smart, bitter, lonely, arrogant, sarcastic, loving and passionate.
She can listen to other people but if you get her annoyed you can turn into her dinner.
She hate's people starting to talk about her father.

Items: She haves a Sun-proof cape who protect her for walking in bright day light..

Abilities: She can hear and see what other people think. (she doesn't tell it.. mostly she doesn't talk about what someone is thinking.)

Relationships with other characters: Nobody than the one she loved, and the vampires in her castle.

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