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Everyone read.

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Everyone read. Empty Everyone read.

Well, here we are!

I've done too much today, haha.

Well, Forumwise I've done too much,
Firstly, I (for some reason) decided to go on AnimeAddicted's Wikipedia site, big mistake, I posted a thread about it but the incompleteness of it annoyed me somewhat, after that I tried making some new changes and they've changed the fucking system for making pages! I was so confused, so after a few seconds of rage I decided I didn't want to try anymore, though, I will and I hope the rest of you contribute to it too! (Yes, that's a thread, I shall neg-rep you till you bleed)

Secondly, I though, ho-ho, this'll be fun, I'll make an AnimeAddicted blog.....I did....and now I'm posting on it!

Thirdly I added the points and reputation system....Points mean fuck all really...but they're fun and show how much you post. certain things are worth more or less than others....For instance, posting a thread in the General Discussion gets you a grand total of....Zero points....Posting a blog, however, gets you 10 points (yes, 10 points, feel honoured). As for reputation....You can give thanks to people when they help you, giving them +3 can also '+' or '-' posts, this is all based on opinion but don't do it repeatedly on people's posts...the '+' gives you +1 reputation but the '-' takes one away.

Thanks for reading guys,


RP Commands:
Normal Text = Character's Actions/Movements
Emboldened Text = Character Speaking
Coloured Emboldened Text = Character Speaking (Specific)
Asterisks Around Emboldened Text = Character Whispering
Brackets Around Emboldened Text = Character Thinking

Italicised Text = Character Is In Unleashed Form (Normal Text or Bold Text)
Everyone read. Killahbeee

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Everyone read. :: Comments


Post on Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:20 pm by UltimateKurosakiX

Blogs... ooh boy. I'm terrible at blogging. D=

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Post on Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:24 pm by Yanjin

You don't have to make a blog, just you lose out on completely useless points that mean nothing and give you no respect, recognition or fulfilment on the forum....

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