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-Dark Corridors- written by Ely.

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-Dark Corridors- written by Ely. Empty -Dark Corridors- written by Ely.

Post by Ely- on Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:08 pm

- this story isnt about me though I am using my own name.
It's like I'm telling this story which actually does make it about me...
anyway have fun reading, it may contain language you use everyday. -Dark Corridors- written by Ely. 368753

Chapter 1; A Start to the Road that Leads to Nothingness. -Dark Corridors- written by Ely. 48887

I open my eyes when i hear a girl making a scary giggle, I see a shadow standing infront of me but it quickly dissappears.
It's very dark where I am now, where am I anyway?
I look around hearing all kinds of scary sounds...
"What the...I' a hallway..." Is what i whispered when I stood up looking around with a confused expression.
There are black blood stains everywhere filled with creepy echo's of people giggling.
"Hehehehe.." I started to feel scared, the light keeps flickering on and off, I hear sounds, creepy sounds like doors slowly opening, nails on a schoolboard,
"Damn...I got to get out of here..." I start to look around, taking small steps one by one while trying not to piss my pants.
I'm looking around, every step i take echo's through the hallway.
" me..." a voice calls my name far away in the darkness of the hallway but I stop because that just freaked me out.
Suddenly the lights turn off completly, it's dark, I'm scared now...
I look around not seeing anything, feeling completly alone...
suddenly the lights go on again.
"Phew..." I turn around and a woman in ripped clothes, blood on her face and a creepy smile stands behind me with her hair covering her eyes.
I take a step back in fear and the girl takes a step towards me.
"Ahhhh!!!"I suddenly felt a pain in my leg like something kicked me.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" I open my eyes when I get kicked again.
I was lying on the ground seeing someone standing infront of me.
I quickly try to stand up in shock accidently bumping my head against a wall shelf that was above me.
"Auch...damn..." I put my hands on top of my head and open my eyes again before I look up.
"Sleeping on the job huh?!
I told you aslong as your WORK here!
Geez, that generation of yours...
Always playing computer games.
Ugh what a lazy bunch of kids!
I remember when i was your age I was alwa-!"
It was my boss Nathalie she kept yelling at me, going on and on and on.
I look up with a small smile
which made her more pissed off but I was glad that I was in the hotel kitchen where I work.
I was relieved...
"I remember now...I decided to stop cooking and thought screw it.
I took a nap..what a messed up dream..heh..I should stop playing horror games."
that was what I thought but I couldn't stop thinking about that dream later while working again.
Because the girl I dreamt about...was the girl i was in love with.
I'm..worried about her..but..I haven't talked to her in years..are we still even friends?
If I go back to her it will be like walking on a road to nothing...

End of chapter 1


Chapter 2; Consciousness. -Dark Corridors- written by Ely. Suspect

After 6 hours of working my ass off and two hours of sleeping i finally could go home.
"Yes!" Is what i was about to scream when Nathalie said that i could go but I didn't.
I knew that if I yelled that she probably would've let me stay there longer.
I walk upstairs to the changing room and change my clothes.
Walk to the bathroom and do my hair after that I went downstairs and left the hotel through the backdoor.
I heard a cracking kind of noise when I stepped outside.
"Ugh it's cold." I look down seeing all the snow on the ground before closing the door behind me.
"Let's see it's..9..shit I got to wait for another 20 minutes until the next bus comes." a huge parking lot was infront of me with the Mcdonalds behind it with snow slowly falling from the sky while it was already night.
"Ely! you forgot your phone!" a voice yelled behind me.
I turn around when the door opens and i see it's a friend of mine who also works here at the hotel, Timothy.
"Hey thanks." Just a few seconds after he opened the door he gave my phone back to me.
"Heh..later.." Timothy closes the door and turns around.
I turn around again walking past the cars on the parking lot.
Sounds of the cars on the freeway could be heard, wind going through the tree's and people talking that came from the Mcdonalds.
"When I'm home..I'm gonna sleep..and sleep..for a long time."
I thought with a exhausted expression while walking ahead.
After a few minutes I finally reach the bus stop and a few seconds later I enter the bus, slowly sitting down in the back of it.
There was only one person in the bus besides the driver.
It was probably a dealer, he kept his hood on the whole time but I didn't care.
When the bus arrives at the train station i stepped out and started walking towards the city.
The lights were on, there weren't many cars on the road though and it was quiet.
While walking on the bridge I looked down at the river that turned into ice but then I heard another giggle again.
It freaked me out that i looked around with a worried expression.
"Hehehehhe..." I turned ahead of me and the same guy with the hood came out of nowhere just standing there, staring at me.
"Wh-What?" I whispered trying not to look nervous.
The guy was a lot taller then me, looked pretty strong and he was holding a brick.
"Hehehhehehe." He kept giggling which made me want to step not step back...but...RUN!
"Don't worry Ely he will just ask me for a smoke.
That's all...he's just a crackhead."
I thought trying to calm myself down with a joke which made me chuckle.
That pissed off the dealer so he ran to me so fast that before i knew it he punched me with that brick in his hand.
"Ah..shit..." I fell on the ground slowly landing on the snow before losing my consciousness.

End of Chapter 2.
Chapter 3; Nightmare. will be up tomorrow.
( I'll make more but leave a comment about what you think about the story so far.
I made this like right on the spot so yea leave a message
-Dark Corridors- written by Ely. 274214)


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-Dark Corridors- written by Ely. Empty Re: -Dark Corridors- written by Ely.

Post by Desney on Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:42 pm

since when have fallen so low ely?

JK tongue

-Dark Corridors- written by Ely. Allen-Siggy-2---CHOICE


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-Dark Corridors- written by Ely. Empty Re: -Dark Corridors- written by Ely.

Post by Ely- on Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:01 pm

I dont care what you think Mr No Soul. -Dark Corridors- written by Ely. 123742
I like writing, but thats a secret that only few peeps know about. -Dark Corridors- written by Ely. 387341

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-Dark Corridors- written by Ely. Empty Re: -Dark Corridors- written by Ely.

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