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Neva Ameris

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Neva Ameris Empty Neva Ameris

Post by Gritasa on Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:17 pm

Name: Neva Amaris

Age: 21


Neva Ameris WhiteAnimeGirl1
She has two white fox ears and tree
tails. (you don't see them in the pic xD)

Fox form:
Neva Ameris White_kitsune

Height: 1,79

Race: Kitsune

She was 6 years old when she arrived in a temple to study for her responsibility in the future.
She learned a lot about how she had to live and how she had to respect the nature and everything around her.
Her life is not that special but, who and what she would be later on.
A further kami, who needed to bring more hope in the people from today.

Her mission:
She needs to learn about the people on earth how they are living, why there are living.
She needs to do the impossible, change the people to make earth perfect again with no war, or hate and anything. But only love, she wants it but how long will she hold on to her mission? Or will she be tempted to things against the rules of the Kami?

She can change herself into a fox with 3 tails.
She also can control the weather and, be the weather. (She can go away in the weather, like mist, rain, snow, and the wind)
Water and wind are her elements.

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Neva Ameris Empty Re: Neva Ameris

Post by Kami-Sama on Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:57 pm


Be sure that you edit into your Post
each new part of Data about her that you get in the Adventure,
so that The Mods and stuff Can Follow the Progress and Not Suddenly
see a Entirely New Char for them while actually it has been Changing Steady in the RP.
HAVE FUN!! Very Happy

Note: This Char Profile is Closed but can be Opened by a Mod AFTER reviewing the new info...

Neva Ameris Shadow2
The Dead, Bring Chaos...These 4 Bring Death...

(with Thanks too NathanCX)

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