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Gothic Lolita,

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Gothic Lolita, Empty Gothic Lolita,

Post by Gritasa on Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:47 am

For all the girls here! (okay boys you also can discuss the Gothic Lolita fashion!)

I love Lolita dresses, jackets, socks, corsets ribbons and all kind of Lolita stuff..

I Have 2 dresses, a dress corset, a head dress, a Lolita parasol, socks, shoes and a coat. =D

I want to have more =d haha I love it =D
I'm not a Lolita but I like to wear the Lolita fashion! =D

one of my favorite brand is Mary Magdalene.. my dream? buying a dress from there haha XD
Mary Magdalene

So how do you guy's think of it? =D

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