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Dragonball Universe - Commander Raditz of the Saiyan Army

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Dragonball Universe - Commander Raditz of the Saiyan Army Empty Dragonball Universe - Commander Raditz of the Saiyan Army

Post by Yanjin on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:35 pm

Dragonball Universe

Name: Raditz Isamé
Nickname: N/A
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Appearance: Raditz is a normal-sized female with long, black, spiked hair, towards the end of her hair - which runs to the backs of her knees - her hair is tied together so that it forms a ponytail at the very base of her hair. Her face is softly natured for a hardened commander but a long scar runs over her left eye, giving away a hint of her violent past. The Saiyan armour she wears is armour padded over all the weak points of her body, whilst staying light-weight and reducing any unneeded weight by being as small as is possible, leading to her outfit being some-what skimpy. She has the standard Saiyan black eyes that have a sharp look to them, leading to her gaze being rather piercing. Her body is slim but has clear muscle definition, leading to her looking fairly attractive by human standards, as is also standard for Saiyans she has a brown tail and a green scouter attached to her left side. On her left arm is a tattoo showing her rank as commander, it features a Oozaru-shaped jaw with a moon behind it.
Weight: 140 pounds - Slim build/All muscular weight
Height: 5'6
Personality: Raditz's personality is one that you'd expect from a commander, it's quite cold and calculating, driven by her rank but she can be friendly if she so chooses to be, she doesn't have any time for weak soldiers and will leave them behind if needs be, sometimes opting to kill them herself to "save the alliance the trouble". In short, she's a bitch. Despite this she carries good intentions, she wants the Saiyans to win the war and she wants everyone to realise her ideals for a perfect world, her political intentions cloud most of her judgement but ultimately it's all for what she believes to be a better world

Race: Saiyan
Standing in Race: Commander of the 5th Saiyan Armada
Affiliation: Saiyan

Special Abilities: Oozaru, Chi manipulation & The Super-Saiyan gene.
Training: Raditz has received all the training necessary to become a commander (Will be touched upon later)

History: Raditz was born into a lower-class family, her father was a warrior and her mother was a breeder - the standard for every family unless they are Royal class. She started to fight in the academy from the age of 5, once again a Saiyan standard but she excelled in almost every subject except for sparring, her good nature got the better of her a majority of the time, using to her flaking out on fights or even just throwing the match to make it seem like she had lost, this all changed at the age of 15, when on a routine training mission, she saw all of her friends murdered by a surprise alliance attack, Raditz was the only warrior to survive and as of yet it is still unsure how - thought it is speculated that the alliance tried to capture her rather than kill her.

Because of this, everything in her life changed. She trained harder and fought as much as she could, never once letting herself be beaten. At the age of only 17 she joined the Academy University and once again excelled in every class, at the age of 19 she had completed University and had joined up to the armies 5th division, specialising in Chi manipulation. On a mission against the alliance, she was ambushed by an entire squadron of Super Nameks, after watching her friends once again dying, something snapped in her, she became something that nobody had ever anticipated of her, she had become a Super Saiyan, something that only commanders have ever been able to achieve with years and years ofm training. After only 4 years of fighting she was raised through the ranks and after the death of the 5th Division's commander, Raditz took the job, becoming the youngest ever Saiyan commander.

Oozaru - Keeps her long hair and armour, takes on the traditional form of an Oozaru
Super Saiyan - Her hair gets thicker and turns a golden colour, her eyes become a deep green and her face becomes more sharp and defined. Her breasts also become larger and her muscles more thick and defined, making her body appear larger.

Renegade Blaster - A bright purple ball that Raditz can release without trying, its effects are devastating for such a small blast but unbeknownst to most, the attack takes up little of Raditz's Chi
Dark Storm - This attack creates a hail of bullet-like chi blasts that are used like a creepy-barrage, devastating enemy locations and can wipe out armies of grunts when used in the Super Saiyan form
Implosion Technique - Raditz pulls her body together to charge this technique, throwing out her body in a spherical explosion of Chi that blasts away all those close to her - The attack is larger in her transformed states
Willow Blast - A beam-based attack, purple once again that can be used continually until Raditz's chi runs dry
Beam-Whips - One of Raditz's signature attacks, she creates two beams of energy that she uses like whips, being able to attack and destroy things with ease - Cannot use as Oozaru - The whips become far longer in her Super Saiyan state and can cut almost anything


RP Commands:
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Emboldened Text = Character Speaking
Coloured Emboldened Text = Character Speaking (Specific)
Asterisks Around Emboldened Text = Character Whispering
Brackets Around Emboldened Text = Character Thinking

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