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Zombie Universe - Neyato Kaime

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Zombie Universe - Neyato Kaime Empty Zombie Universe - Neyato Kaime

Post by Kami-Sama on Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:05 am

Universe: Zombie Universe.

Appearance a discription or a picture or both will be fine.
Zombie Universe - Neyato Kaime Cutebyrubichan

Name: Neyato Kaime (Nick: Yato)

Age: 15 (B-Day at 14-July 1994

Personality: Happy and Hardworking student he is, Mostly because he had Everything he wanted, Being a Bright but also Athletic, he did almost Strait A's in all Classes except Foreign Languages, very Chatty and pretty easygoing, but always Hardworking.

Biography: he Was at School when it happened, but before that he Enjoyed a Good Youth Born in a Pretty wealthy Family he had everything he wanted at his Disposal, he was always Very Fond of the Friends living next to him and Most people liked him at School even tho he Could Be pretty Arrogant sometimes.

Abilities: He's Athletic but Most of all Very Bright, knowing His School inside out and Most of the City, his Speciality is with Computers But he knows his Way around with a Soccerball and a Bat, he Did Fencing and is a Red Belt at Tai-Kwan-Do.

Items: His Mobile Phone and his Laptop, Key's and his Wallet. (always Carries his Laptop around)

Occupation: High school First Year Student (japanese so at 15 almost 16 he was Young Compared too the Rest but he's not that Young)

Zombie Universe - Neyato Kaime Shadow2
The Dead, Bring Chaos...These 4 Bring Death...

(with Thanks too NathanCX)

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Zombie Universe - Neyato Kaime Empty Re: Zombie Universe - Neyato Kaime

Post by Ely- on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:16 am

Have fun and I hope you will survive the outbreak Zombie Universe - Neyato Kaime 376951

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