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Just a few of my writings, in an attempt to get this section back up and running, or whatever
I haven't written in a long time, but I'm sure I'll start once inspiration hits. Bold=Titles.

I don't remember which Nathan said was his favorite or I'd post that. Very few people have seen these. ._.


How I wish I could just brush off these feelings, like a leaf in the wind, blowing away before I even realize it was there. But to ignore them only truly prolongs what I know is inevitable. So in the end, the question is, which hurts more? Which is more difficult? Running, or acceptance? Drowning in pain and sadness, or burning alive with anger?

Either way, my days grow shorter, the pressure builds, and I begin to implode.


Day in and day out, I wish to grow wings and fly away from this place. I can’t stand to be here another moment. I will fly away soon, I promise myself. But I don’t. I remain frozen, trapped in this nest of my torturous thoughts. It’s not that I need help to escape this dreaded place. It’s just that I’m not sure where I would go.
With no wings, I can only drop to the ground. I realize that there is no one and nothing to catch me or stop me from falling too quickly to survive the landing.
With only a mere moment of hesitation, I jump from the nest. The air feels so cold around me and everything is moving too fast, but I scarcely notice. For just one moment I am free. A moment is all I need.


Every moment longer I hold my breath around you, I turn a little bluer. I’m suffocating myself and you don’t seem to notice. When I speak, so little sound comes out, I may as well be silent. Your offhand, nonchalant replies don’t make me want to start trying again.
The only thing that brings me back is instinct, and the clear blue sky that I think I might miss. My lungs fill again and for one moment I am whole. I have escaped what could be my most certain end, if I would just allow it. The thrill lasts only for a moment. The clouds are watching my every move, judging it, and I simply stare back, as if to explain.

I only want to float away to them.

=s RedPlanetBG

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Post on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:56 pm by Yanjin

Love them all, though I'm guessing you already knew that Smile

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Post on Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:01 pm by xtobelovedx

I think you've seen these all, so I figured you would. I only care about your opinion anyway?

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