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Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé

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Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé Empty Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé

Post by Yanjin on Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:19 am

Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé

Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé Yanjin10

Name: Yanjin Isamé

Age: 17

Personality: Yanjin’s personality is quite a closed off one, not so much in a mysterious way but more in an unsettling way, his nature makes him very hard to read and to empathise with. He’s quite a disturbed man, his past has caused him to be quite suspicious of all people. Sadly this has caused him to be quite isolated from society, more of a social pariah than a loner. He isn’t too used to human communication, barely being able to speak the language himself, making him seem unintelligent and inarticulate, however when he does know what he’s going to say and how he’s going to say it he shall speak fluently and eloquently. He has no sense of embarrassment in his life or his ways however he is badly affected by shame, feeling apologetic for even existing, though the concept of suicide is not known to him. So in short he can seem quite shy and retreated around people but is not afraid to speak up or be taken account of. His main flaw would be his inability to understand most human emotions, he understands many concepts of emotions such as happiness and can note them or fake them but he feels sometimes that emotions are too complex to note, however if he is made happy by someone he will be happy, he does not lack happiness per se, more the understanding of it. He’s also fairly withdrawn towards people, not tending to enjoy company through fear of how they’ll act or what they’ll say. He likes being alone, though he does enjoy company if it’s with someone he trusts. He also takes a lot of pleasure in basic things such as eating or drinking, he appreciates them more than “normal” people would however he dislikes very few things he dislikes apart from very public places and anything or anyone that makes him remember about his past or werewolf experiences.

Biography: Yanjin doesn't have much of a history to speak of, he was born in the United Kingdom but at the age of 15 he fled to the South of France, joining a Christian commune and living his life with them, this has lead to Yanjin being a highly religious person. A few weeks before the outbreak he fled once again, this time to Japan, he joined a school and has since been trying to make friends.

Abilities: Yanjin is a natural fighter and rational thinker.

Items: baseball bat

Occupation: Student


RP Commands:
Normal Text = Character's Actions/Movements
Emboldened Text = Character Speaking
Coloured Emboldened Text = Character Speaking (Specific)
Asterisks Around Emboldened Text = Character Whispering
Brackets Around Emboldened Text = Character Thinking

Italicised Text = Character Is In Unleashed Form (Normal Text or Bold Text)
Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé Killahbeee

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Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé Empty Re: Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé

Post by Ely- on Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:23 am

Approved!, that's an very detailed personality. Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé 902388
Anyways have fun and try not to die <[standard..thing Zombie Universe - Yanjin Isamé 376951]

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