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Stone Gate Academy (Must Read before playing!)

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Stone Gate Academy (Must Read before playing!) Empty Stone Gate Academy (Must Read before playing!)

Post by Ely- on Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:18 am

Map of the School and important details.

Stone Gate Academy (Must Read before playing!) Picofschool7-1

School Building: The school has two different wings. The East wing which leads to the girls dorm and the West wing which leads to the boys dorm. The building between the serves for another purpose.

Middle Building: The building between the East wing and the West wing is the actual school. There are two floors, on the first floor is where the lockers are, the lobby, the cafeteria and the library. On the second floor is where the classes are given.

Outside the School: Behind the school is the trackfield. Close to the trackfield on the right of the girls dorm is a building that's where gym is given when it's raining outside. In the right corner of the trackfield where it's completely yellow is where the soccer training is given.

Dorm room: If your character is staying in the dorm room then there's a desk, a bed, a closet, a table in the middle of the room with pillows around it and a mirror.
Bathrooms are in the dorm.

Colors of the Dorm room: The walls and ceilling are white grey-ish and the floor is dark blue.

(You don't neccesarily have to go to classes I just put this up so you know which classes there are.)

Classes: Math, English, Cooking, Sport, Biology, Economics, Science and Geography.
Club activity: Soccer, Baseball, Kendo, Lance, Sprint, Gym, Boxing, Karata, Photograpy, Cooking, Street Dance.

Information desk

The Information desk is in the lobby,
This is where your character has to ask the key for your dorm room and your school ID. Also if you have any questions then let your character go to the Information desk and your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

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