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Dragonball Universe - Fujikame & Miyato Izaru

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Dragonball Universe - Fujikame & Miyato Izaru Empty Dragonball Universe - Fujikame & Miyato Izaru

Post by Kami-Sama on Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:38 pm

Dragonball Universe - Character Template
(they're the Same person only two Halfs of it)

Name: Fujikame Izaru&Miyato Izaru (Takame Izaru)
Nickname: Silver eyez&Miza
Age: 16 (visual age 16)& 16 (visual age 14) (Takame=16 visual age 19+)
Gender: Male & Female
Fujikame Izaru:

Dragonball Universe - Fujikame & Miyato Izaru 1766947826

Miyato Izaru:
Dragonball Universe - Fujikame & Miyato Izaru 785333472

Combined(Takame Izaru):
Dragonball Universe - Fujikame & Miyato Izaru Takame

Weight: Fujikame = 57kg and Miyato = 45kg (Takame=61kg)
Height: Fujikame = 167cm and Miyato - 144cm (Takame=176cm)
Personality: Arrogant, Cruel and Cold and Hard To anger, Not caring about anybody but each other, they Think Together and Complete Each others Sentences, they Love Playing Real life Chest games with There Soldiers vs the Other Soldiers, almost always winning, they're Sour Losers but Like to Play a Fair fight, mostly to the Dislike of there Superiours who Often Scold them for almost losing a battle...they Would Send Other Squads or even there allies Out to Fight the Enemy and Die for there plans...not Caring they would even Kill an Ally who is in the Way too kill the Enemy (in that way i ment Arrogant...)

when Becoming Takame he is A lot more Relaxed and Far beyond Arrogant, he's Smart and Rarely Misjudges an Enemy for there Appearance, For the Better because Even tho he's Been Misjudged several times, he Knows not to get too cocky as it could as well Pay him back, His men have a lot of Respect for him because not only is he a Good leader, he's Finally become Serious this way, and it also means he has Respect for his Adversary...

Race: Vienta Race (They Look Human But are very Telepathic)
Standing in Race: 2nd and 1st Commanders of the 4th BattleGroup 2nd Vienta Armada (the 2nd Armada is the Most Advanced and Most Powerfull Armada in the Vienta Army, all Warships are Capable of Easily Destroying a planet (having 3 Warships, 1 Flagship, 4 Troop Carriers, 7 Cruisers, and a Science ship it's Well Equipped) (a Battlegroup is a Team of Highly specialised Warriors Genetically Manipulated to Be better Warriors, Some are still Teens)
Affiliation: They Hate the War, but Still Fight for The Alliance but are Secretly plotting to Abandon the Alliance..(same with Takame)

Special Abilities: Telepathic Communication, Combining together, Playing a Battle like a Chest Game
Training: They've been Trained sinds they're Very young in Battlestyles and Fighting, they Know all Saiyan Weaknesses and Most of there Traits...

The History of these Two is Shrouded in Mist as is the History of the Vienta Federation, but here for you is a Detailed Description of Both Seperately (beginning with the Vienta Federation incl. Why they Joined the Alliance and there Background)

Vienta Federation History:
The Vienta Race was a Simple Telepathic race that Has Adulthood when they're 15 and die at 45 and thats Concidered Old.. untill they Where Concuered By a Evil Group on the Nearby Planet, after about 200 years of Slavery they Started Fighting against them, after 10 years of war, The Vienta Federation was Founded By a Group of Scientists and High Commanders of Several Groups, they Had the Idea to Create A Great Nation controlled by them, Using Specialy enhanced people that Only follow there orders, After 50 years of war on their Home planet and The Other Race's Planet they won and "The Federation was Officially Created and two hundred years later they Controlled over 7 planets and 4 solar systems having the most powerfull fightingforce and the Most advanced technology in there part of the galaxy...

they Send out Agents too Check for any lifeforms they could Use for there Dark experiments to Further Enhance there People but Without knowing one of there Agents Landed on the Saiyan Planet, because of the Technology he Could remain Undiscovered but what he Saw was Out of this world, a Whole Planet of Powerfull Warrior they Could Use for Harvesting Genes and Getting Stronger Warriors, but when Transmitting the Information he Got Caught and Quickly Disposed off, Other Agents found out about the Alliance Fighting the Saiyans..

The Ruling Goverment Made a Sneaky Descision to Join the Alliance to get the "Saiyan Experiments" as they Called them, they wanted to Make even more Powerfull Warriors, but What they Didn't know is the Full Power of these Saiyans that they Clearly Underestimated. but the Goverment Continue's Undeterred to Get the Things they want...even Willing to Betray the Alliance too Get it... they Keep a Public Niceness as a Scientific Race that Uses Genetic Enhancement for the Better but they Really just want to Become the Most Powerfull and the Most enhanced...

History of Izaru Experiment Warriors:
They Where Created in a Test lab Using every Little Piece of Scientific knowhow they Had back then, Using the Most Strongest Warriors of the Alliance and Some Lower Saiyans that where Found, they Where The Very First of a Line of "Units", (These where units 1090A001 and 1090A001) as the New Experiments where Called too Creating More Powerfull warriors.

They Created only One Unit named (1090A000) but By a Strange Fault being the First Experiment they Got Split up, they Thought the Experiment had Failed and wanted to Cancel them and Start all over again, But just as they where to do that one of the Highly Telepathic Group Squad Found out that They where Communicating Together, so they Wanted to see what would happen...

2 years After Their Creation they already Knew How to Communicate With High Telepathic Abilities, Called the "Izaru" experiment by the Ruling Goverment they Where Given names that they Thought Fitted them, and Started Training them at that age, in there Telekenetic Abilities, there Mind and There Strength...

after 7 years from then they where one of the Top of the Class in Combat, Language, and Any other The Vienta Federation had, Who Proudly promoted them, they where The Odds of the Class tho as they Alway's Finished each others Sentences...In fighting they Exelled So much that when they where 9 they Where only allowed to Train together, no longer VS other Students or Teachers as they Where Kinda Sadistic when they won...

at the Age of 14 they Became Soldiers of 2nd Battlegroup 5th Armada, but Somehow After a Massive Fight with the Saiyans they where one of a Handfull of Survivors, Being the Fallen Angel form as it Was Called the Vienta Federation Knew that the Experiment was a Success, they where Given there own BattleGroup of Genetically enhanced Warriors like them and 2 years Later they Only lost 3 people after being in Combat many they are Free for a Change and they can do what they want...but they can be called back for a New Mission...

Normal: Just as they are..

Gifted: Using Special Training Methods they Can Call Forth what the Vienta Call "Solar Winds" with this they Can Reach there Full potential for about 20 minutes, but after That they'll be drained...thats why they're trained at Swift Combat..

Fallen Angel: When they Really get Serious in a battle They can Become One...known By there Soldiers and Superiours as "Fallen Angel"(when they Become One the Energy Froms Like Wings in the Sky around them)...This Being there Most Powerfull Form it almost Matches too a Supersaiyen but thats also why they Hate this it Gives them an Advantage in Battle but they Like too Find out how too Battle There Opponent Without This even if the Enemy is Supersaiyan..rather Using Tactics then Brute Force...(Miyato Finds it Most Inelegant)


Telekinetica: Using there Race's Signature Power too the Next level they Can Use there Advanced Telekenetic Abilities too Manipulate weak enemies making them Attack each other

Energy Beam: Simply Firing an Energy Beam Towards the Enemy, this is a Pretty Low yield Energy beam but Is powerfull enough to take out Minor Enemies...

Rapid Fire: They Can Fire With Both hands Towards the Enemy or towards the Ground almost Using it like a Smoke Screen, or Making a Trap...

Silver Arrow: Signature Attack of Fujikame, making his Hand Form like a Gun with two Fingers while his Thumb is Pointed Up then sorta Like Pulling a Bow after a Small But Powerfull silver Energy ball is Formed at the Tip of His Fingers Creates a Powerfull Energy arrow That Fires With Great Speed.(only fired after screaming name)(the Attack is not so Powerfull But very sharp and Accurate)
(Note that this attack is only usable when Gifted)

Black Flash Canon: Signature Attack of Miyato, Taking Both her Hand to infront of her Chest making them Fold Together then Starts the Powerup, slowly moving the Hands appart as she Creates a Black Ball with Dynamic Lightning Around It, her Hair Mostly Starts Flying around her and she would Probably hover in the Air as she Charges it (earth Cracking below her) if it's Ready she'd Push her Hands Out infront of her Firing a Massive Black Beam Out infront of her Obliterating the Landscape...(the attack is Inacurrate but very powerfull)(Only Fired after Screaming name)
(Note that This attack is only Usable when Gifted)

Black Flash Arrow: Signature Attack of Takame, Doing the same thing as Fujikame he Forms his Hand Like a Gun and Pulls Back with his Other hand Like Firing a Bow, but This Time The Energyball isn't Silver but Black and The Arrow is as well having the Signature lightning Around Its Tip, he Fires the Arrow which Flies at Tremendous Speed towards the Enemy, Leaving a Wake of Destruction Behind itself (the Area Behind Takame is also Devistated) as it Flies, the Power of the Black Flash Canon and The Accurac of the Silver arrow attack are Combined here making it when it hits the Target (or the Area Near the Target) Very Destructive for the Area and The Target.. if he Misses he Can also Detonate it at Will but it will Take about a Second before it Detonates...

Dragonball Universe - Fujikame & Miyato Izaru Shadow2
The Dead, Bring Chaos...These 4 Bring Death...

(with Thanks too NathanCX)

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