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Alexander Oland (original)

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Alexander Oland (original) Empty Alexander Oland (original)

Post by Denno on Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:15 pm

Name: Alexander Oland

Nickname: Alex

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Resigned soldier

Height: 215 cm

Weight: 105 kg

Personality: Alex is a friendly man he can seem odd at times, but mostly he would seem like the big man that wouldn't hurt a fly, but because of experiments that was made on him it would seem so much different when his blood begins to boil.
Ever since the war he was in stopped he have been searching for something, something to devote his life to.

Alexander Oland (original) 0005ydew

Abilities: Alex can turn his body into a walking fortress when the battle rages and he wish to protect something he can stand and take a unnatural amount of hits, and moves in to shoot his opponent with his gun at point blank range for a devastating effect

Items/Equipment: blue fire latern. a single shot 13mm anti tank gun with armour piercing rounds. Power circle (a tatto on his arms that enchants his strength to the supernatural.
Alexander Oland (original) Pumpkin_scissors_gun

History/Biography: Born into the a raising war Alex was taken into the military only shortly after birth, his family could not afford to keep him, and when the military offered to take him in and care for him they could not refuse.
What they did not know was that they would never see their son again as he was taken in to the military secret project to create super humans that could fight tanks alone, by going up close with a gun, and shoot right through the armour with a strong gun.
The experiment went on for years, and Alex was trained into becoming the best of all their soldiers, trained to feel no fear or pain, so they could fight reckless enough to get so close to a tank that he could shoot it at point blank range, but this would not do as too many would die before getting close enough, so the soldiers too was modified in body to withstand a great deal of damage and even create shields by consuming their own life energy.
The experiment was kept beyond top secret, and only very few hand picked people from the science division was allowed in on the experiment.
No records, no pictures and no evidence that the experiments were once made.
The experiment was a success after 19 years the anti tank super soldiers was deployed to the field in all secret, and only send in on special raids to take care of enemy tank attacks, killing everyone at the scene to leave no survivors, and no one to tell about their existence, but rumours began to spread across the fields about an unstoppable army of soldiers that knew no fear of death.
After four more years of war, the two countries signed a cease fire.
To Alex that would be a miracle and a curse, his company was dismissed, he was left with some money to survive, he kept his army gear, but from there on out he was alone, he was now without anything, his years of training useless to him.
He started wandering trying to find something else to devote his life to, but even after 3 years of searching he found nothing.

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Alexander Oland (original) Empty Re: Alexander Oland (original)

Post by Yanjin on Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:35 pm



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