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Iyana Yanusu

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Iyana Yanusu Empty Iyana Yanusu

Post by Kami-Sama on Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:36 pm

Name: Iyana Yanasu

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 168

Weight: 54,3kg

Race: Demon

Class: S-Class Demon (about Jounin Class in Naruto World)


Iyana Yanusu Girl18

Personality: She's a Person with a rather Strange personality, She's alway's Happy and alway's in for fun...even when that means fighting wich she concideres a game instead of Reall fighting, Underneath all that Playfullness She is Kind and Loving, Caring to everyone she likes...also that she is verry forgiving but the moment you go over a certain Line she can be Ferocious.



"Hero Tensin"
(Black Blade) A Kind of Dance she does with her Katana at a Distance At the Final Moment She grabs her Katana so it is Running from her Hand along the Lower arm, then Speeds Towards Her opponent at Fenomenal Speed but instead of Going directly at his she goes a little to the right so she Barely Misses the Opponent but Making her hand Standing Strait so The Katana Hits the Middle section of the opponent. (it's not the Strength that does the Damage but the Speed and Sharpness of the Katana)

"Hayashi Sen"
(Dark Point)
Attacking With her Katana From Close Range She first strikes Verticaly then Makes a Loop and Hit's Horizonticaly at the midsection makin a loop

Simple Blade strikes To Attack or Defend


"Henei Hoyashi"
(3 Stars)
She shoots 3 Arrows at ones too up to 3 targets

She Pulls Her Bow Back extra and Pours Some of her Power intoo The shot Making the Arrow Fly at a Fenomenal Rate Towards the Target, Because Some of her Power is Poured intoo the Shot it Leaves a Small Black Mist behind Showing where the Arrow went.

"Hane Temoki"
(Splitting Star)
She Shoots an arrow at a Normal Speed and Quickly Fires another Wich Goes Alot Faster Splitting the First arrow Making it Possible 2 Hit Targets Who think it is another Warning shot (Because of the Rate she shoots the 2 arrows it would seem like she only shoots one)

"Hijara Tesuko Blade"
(Spirit Arrow Blade)
Gained: When with Yumiko in the Temple, Feeling true Friendship For the First time, her Father Gave his Strength too Give his only Child help, Thus using the Power of the Arrow fired from her Bow With The Spirit energy From her Dad,
Ability: When She Fires The Arrow Looks normal other then a Glowing arrow, and the First Second after Strike Everything seems normal Untill out of Nothing it Will be Like a Dozen Blades or Arrows Hit the Target with Force, Making Severe Cut's and Can even Cut through Stone
The problem with this ability if you fire it can be seen Compared too most her other Shots

Several other Simpler shots and Rapid fire (rapid enough to fire 5 arrows in 4 seconds

Hand 2 hand combat:

Simple Strikes and Defensive actions But because of her Beeing a demon her Hit's Can be ALOT Stronger then you would expect. (Her Strongest Hit is to be Concidered around Sakura's Hit But then 2 to 3 times as Much)


~ Katana Wich is Completely black
~ A bow With the Markings (White) and (Heaven) Inscribed
~ A Special Medical Kit with alot of Stuff including a Little Notebook Describing alot of Species of Plants and Spices with There uses and Dangers with it
~ a small bottle of Dark Blue water (Nomatter how shallow it is) wich can be used on Wounds to Disinfect them and if you drink it it can Stop you from feeling any pain.
~ Several Weights On her Arms and Legs to keep her From using her Full Strength

Biography: Born on the Outskirts of a Large Village(Name "Teraki") at the Edge of the Shinobi World She knows Nothing about Shinobi and Most of the Village doesnt either, The troubles are Minimal but if there are they are mostly sorted by the People themselves. When She Got up to the Age of 5 She began too Show her Special powers and Her Wings Started to grow Her Father came home That evening seeing the wings he was Delighted, Going to his Wife He showed the Wings of Iyana to Her mother and Said to her "She is going to be like you!". Her mother not so entousiastic but Exepted her Daughter as she was. Beeing a Demon herself she knows how it is and Tries to help her Daughter as much as she could.
Iyana Was 8 when she First got Hands on a bow and Showed Little Skill, Even tho most of her age were more in to Doll's she Kept herself to the Bow and Arrow. Her father who was one of the best in the Village tried to Train her but almost gave up because of the Clumsyness of her Daughter. Iyana Was not so willing to give up and at the age of 8 Left the house for 3 day's and Practiced almost 3 day's strait (not missing her Naps ofcource).
When Iyana Came home after that Her Parrents Were Really angry with her and Wanted to punish her accordingly (grounding and Taking away the bow) but Iyana Kept saying she wanted to show them something and they gave it a try. in the back yard where Iyana Trained with her dad she Picked up 2 arrows one she Kept in her hand and the other She Fired then within a Few Miliseconds she Shot the second one and Hitted all 3 tree's with the 2nd arrow in the middle and the other split in 2 in the 2 other tree's. her parrents beeing amazed she showed them everything she learned in those 3 day's. even tho most of them failed that one technique gave her father the edge to keep teaching her. she was grounded but her Bow was not taken away.
Iyana beeing 12 years old and after alot of training She perfected every technique she learned from her dad and her own technique's and it was her mothers turn. who gave her Daughter a Katana. Wich she also Trained with but more like played with as her Mothers thought was. but her Handeling was Quite good.
At 14 years old Iyana Was given some weights to Give her Training a Harder Motion, and Make her even better at Handeling her Sword. increase her speed wasnt really of the issue.
Iyana was 15 when her Mother wanted to see what she had Learned and Because of Iyana's Playfull nature her mother thought she was Just Not beeing Serious but notices every time that she attacked Iyana Could Fend it off and Launch a Counter Quite Easely also her Moves amazed Her Mother as she Putted off the weights and saw what blinding speed She had gained, altho she Never learned too read or write she Was still happy with what she did learn...
When Iyana was almost 17 Her Village was attacked by Several Evil Men including Shinobi, Even Tho they were Finaly Fended off The Village was all but Destroyed and alot of people where lost. Iyana Lost her Father and Wanted to Avenge him in any way...But also her Mother was badly wounded. So she tended to Her First. as Her mother was Dying She Spoke the Magical words to Keep Iyana From killing everyone that had any affection with the Word Shinobi. "Never Harbour Hatred To those that are Innocent". Even tho this Doesnt Mean much to the People that were there it Ment the world to Iyana Because those words where the Words her Father used to Say to her..
2 weeks Later Iyana turned 17 and Left The Village with a Double Feeling, To explore the World and To find those who did this to her and the Village.
Now she is Walking the World.. Hoping to Find what she seeks...Whatever that may be.....

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