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Kaine Empty Kaine

Post by Kami-Sama on Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:40 pm

Name: Kaine

Age: 17

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 56kg

Race: He looks like a human but his true Nature is Unknown

Class: Swordsman

Kaine Bluehairedmanandkitsune

on his belt he Carries a Small Knife and a Scroll with Nothing Written on it as it seems.

Biography: He Was found Badly wounded by a Girl near her Village, First beeing Scared of him she Ran and Got her father, After The father Inspected the Boy he thought of him as no threat and took him to his house to treat him.
After Several day's of Caring for the boy he woke up and Remembered nothing not even his own name he Layed there and got Befriended with the Family who Helped him, They named him Kaine after the Resemblance to the Father's Father who Also was named Kaine.
all they knew about him was that he was a Fighter looking at the Gear he carried.
After Half a Year of Recovering he was ready again to Face the world and Find out who he was, and what happend to him.
He left them and Entered the world...Bearing the Name Kaine.

Personality: as far as is known he is a Kind Person and alway's stops to help anybody he finds, Tho his Actions when in battle Speak otherwise he is Like a Hearless person never Caring about who he fights.

Abilities: His Fighting ability's are Extra-ordanary, And his Power is too. He Can Strike Fear intoo anyone On the opposide side of his blade Just by looking at them, and his Actions say the same, even tho he knows Nothing about his Ability's sometimes in a fight one or 2 get Opend up and more of his power is revealed, it is known that his Strength, aim and anticipation are out of this world.

Attacks: Only his swordmanship and Taijutsu are known for the rest there is no clue about his attacks

Relationships with other characters: Nop

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