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Hayano "The Shadow" Nahuri

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Hayano "The Shadow" Nahuri Empty Hayano "The Shadow" Nahuri

Post by Kami-Sama on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:05 pm

Name: Hayano "The Shadow" Nahuri

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 68.6 kg

Race: Human

Class: Jounin


Hayano "The Shadow" Nahuri Ninjapinari

Hayano has a Personality that is almost strange, He acts really goofy
and acts like he avoids combat. His actions are sometimes overscared,
but that's the way he wants to be. his true Personality that is almost
never shown is Soft, Gentle and mostly friendly to everyone. but in
battle if he has too and has no other choice then to battle, he is More
serious the ever. His expression turns normal, almost angry and he wont
stop untill he cant go anymore.


Hayano was born in a Small
fishing village in the Land of Fire in wich he Lived peacefully and
happely with his mum and Dad untill he was 5.
he had never even
heared of the word Ninja till then, but when Several Rouge Ninja
Attacked and took controll of his village and for 2 weeks they lived in
fear of beeing killed.
But then some Leaf village Ninja's came and Saved them, but it was too late for Several People including His father.
he was So amazed by the Ninja's that he wanted to become one and would do whatever it takes to become one.
he trained till he was 7 in his own Village and then his mum decided to
move, to konoha. at first Hayano didnt want to go because he thought it
wasn't the village of the leaf.
but when he got there he was Completely overjoyed.

Training at the academy he noticed he was different then all the other
student's, while they learned all kinds of Nin- and GenJutsu he
Couldn't do any of them.
But exelled in the use of Kunai's Shuriken and Taijutsu. And he Kept improving.
A Young Teacher Who Saw the Skills he had in Taijutsu Helped him to Train and Work on Perfecting it...
And at the age of 12 he Graduated and Joined one of the Team's...

He Joined a Team with a Kind of Older but wise Captain that Saw a huge amount of Potential in Hayano because of His Skill..
training and Doing Missions the team got together well and There
training Sessions got Alot harder Fast, so fast that his Teammates
barely kept up because they where mostly doing Taijutsu...
after seeing this The Captain Changed cource and Gave Hayano Taijutsu training only when they were alone...
Captain Saw what Hayano needed and gave him something that he could
use...but only to use When there is nothing els he could use...
Thats where he learned to do "Hachimon Tenkou" (eight Celestial gates) but had a Hard time Learning it.
but he Never gave up and at the Chuunin exams he Showed what he had and Graduated again...
he also got his Nickname "Hayano The Shadow" because of his Movement
and Tactics making him like a Shadow Walking behind you and attacking
Like no other ninja.

His teammates also Got through and they Kept beeing the same team.
that Time they began training alot specialy to work as a team. and
after 2 years at the Jounin exams he showed again that he was one of
the best.
Hayano Kept Training even after he became a Jounin and
Perfected the Technique's he learned when he was just a genin and
Chuunin to his own style.
now he's Just waiting for new Oppertunities to Prove himself as a worthy Ninja and Show that he Exists..


He can use no
Jutsu what so ever but because of special training he learned alot of
techniques including how to open 4 of the "Hachimon Tenkou" (eight
Celestial gates) here is his list.

Normal (kicks punches and combo's):

Blow Strike with the left fist hitting in the Stomach The right hitting
in the chest and the left Hand open hits the part just below his
throat. [D-rank]

(Floating Fright)
an attack that
attacks the person from 2 angles, 1 is deception 1 is real, while the
right foot makes up for a kick the sudden Shift to the left foot on the
attack can suprise a person after the first hit is succesfull The
attacker spins around hitting a second time with the back of the foot.

(Dragons Roar) (Weights off)
The user
attacks head on with great speed Using a slide and kick to launch the
other in the air by supprise instead of just attacking and kicking head
on. after that the attacker Uses a Series of Kicks and Punches till
they almost reach the ground and then Tries to kick in a way so the
other hits the ground hard.(This attack requires high speed to use and
Succeed) [C-rank]

(Dragons Flame) (weights off)
user Uses a move to get behind the other person and Attacks from with a
sidekick, then Moves again to the front and Kicks him in the air. if
succesfull the attacker has the option of Blowing the other alot of
Punches and kicks and can be verry painfull.(This attack requires high
speed to use and Succeed) [B-Rank]

Hayano Speciale:
(Hayano Speciale) (weights off)
by Hayano himself he uses several Kunai with wires to trap the opponent
or atleast dissorient them a bit. they will be placed in such a way
that Hayano knows exacly where he needs to step without tripping
himself in the wires. then Attacks from all kinds of Directions with
great Speed trying to knock down the opponent and win.(This attack
Requires a high speed to use and Succeed) [B-Rank]

Special (Attacks with Gates 1 to 6 and ranked):

Kojina Herunga:
(Black Phantom) (1 of 6 gates opend)
using Kojina Heruna the User Attacks while Spinning around the target,
with random intervals they can use a Punch a kick or a Kunai to attack
the Person inside the circle...but when returning to the circle after
an attack the attackers makes a wider circle and a Small stop to turn,
this stop is verry short but you can see the attacker for a short
moment if you pay attention. [C-Rank]

Yataki eleheto:
(Flying shock) (1 of 6 gates opend)
Flying shock is for the Most part like the "Secondary Lotus used by
Lee, Gai and Kakashi" but has one Fundamental Difference and thats the
first part, When the Attacker Makes his first attack it's not yet to
get the Person in the air but to Kick him (in stomach,side,back) and
the Second Kick is also to Kick him but on the Opposite side and then
the 3rd kick is to launch a person in the air. when both are airborn it
Depends on how high the person got if he needs another kick or 2 when
the attacker thinks he is high enough he moves behind the Other person
and uses Bandages around the lower arm to trap the person and Smash him
head first in the ground. [C-Rank]

Yataki Hukato: (4(to 6) of 6 gates opend)
(Flying Destruction)
Flying Destruction is for the most part The same as "Primary Lotus used
by Lee and Gai" but has a Slight Difference in the end, As the Final
Move comes up the Attacker does the same as in the end of "Yataki
eleheto: (Flying shock)" but does not use the Bandages and if possible
the Hight they get with the last 4 hits is alot higher then "Yataki
eleheto: (Flying shock)"

"Hachimon Tenkou" (eight Celestial gates):

of Opening") The initial Gate of the Eight Celestial Gates. The Gate of
Opening is released, absolving the natural limiters in the brain that
restrict muscle strength. The user is capable of using one hundred
percent of their natural muscular power, doubling their basic speed and
strength. [C-Rank]

("Gate of Rest") The strain of the
Kaimon often causes injury to the user, which can be healed through the
Kyuumon, the second Gate. The heart is forced to pump blood at a very
heightened rate, stimulating the production of red blood cells. This
induces super-fast healing and a marked increase in stamina, thus
making the user feel rested and refreshed. [C-Rank]

of Life") During the third Gate, the heart's pumping is revved even
more. The rapidly circulating blood bulges the user's veins and causes
their skin to flush red. Just as how during a workout one's muscles
become larger and stronger to meet the demand of stress, the muscles
swell and strain to the brink of their ability, upping the user's
strength and speed to three times the average. [B-Rank]

of Pain") The Shoumon is named ironically, as the user's brain begins
to block the functions which signal pain and stress, and produces
adrenaline sending the user into a semi-high. The user recklessly
ignores the limits of their strength, the force of their will
overriding the natural tendency to unconsciously restrict one's self to
reduce strain and suffering. Their strength and speed becomes four
times of normal, and the user's stamina takes a sharp increase once
again. However, the muscles will definitely snap and tear from the
overexertion at this point. [B-Rank]

("Gate of Limit")
The nerve receptors in the body become ultra-sensitive, causing the
user to break the natural limits of their reaction and movement. The
super-efficient response creates more pragmatic movement, allowing the
user to use their muscles effectively and increase their speed and
strength to five times their normal ability. Few can usually even
follow the user's movement, much less react to it. However, the user's
muscles are torn to shreds by the unreasonable demands put on the body,
and the high sensitivity reverses the effect of the Shoumon, making the
user extremely responsive to pain. Thus, it is not likely to withstand
use of this gate for very long. [B-Rank]

("Gate of
View") Once the utter limits of the ninja's physical ability have been
scavenged, the Celestial Gates dip into the meta-physical. The Keimon
releases the user's chakra pathways to their full extent, leading an
uninhibited flow of chakra. This causes a sharp increase in the user's
sensory ability from the abundant chakra, hence the name, as well as an
increase in the strength of chakra-based techniques. The excessive
amount of chakra ramps up the ninja's healing processes, such that the
user is capable of continuing fighting after using the ravaging Tomon.
Extended use of the Keimon will result in the user's death, as they
will quickly run out of chakra after four or five minutes of use.

- Shuriken
- Kunai (with and without wire)
- a Special Dagger with 4 tips, he uses this weapon for Stabbing or for some of his technique's
- Weights around his Arms and legs (special heavy weights when training on his own)

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