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Nai Empty Nai

Post by Keiko Neisan on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:48 pm

Name: Bachiatari, Nai

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3” (187.5 cm)

Weight: 10st 4lb ( 144lb)

Race: Human

Village: Crystal Village/ Hanro Bireji

Mind reading
Healing ( not one of his strong points, he has to put everything into it for serious injuries)
Crystal manipulation (sheilds, creating objects and weapons, etc}
Sound manipulation (sound waves, sonic explosions etc, creating different resinance)
Fire Manipulation ( He’s never used it in a fight so his limits and abilities are unknown)

Nai Thjh

Very suspicious of everybody by nature and will use is abilities to see if he’s being taken advantage of. He hates isolation, but will stay distant from groups of people until he feels he trusts them, He has problems expressing his feelings and as a result he would rather fight or shout about things rather than talk it out. However if he does trust someone he is a very loving and protective.

He carries no weapons except for one a double bladed knife (all other weapons he can create )

Nai was one of twins born and raised in Hanro Bireji, his parents where originally from the Crystal village. He and his brother Hajime where happy kids, very competative with each other and well loved and looked after by there parents, Nai always lost to his brother who was always better than him at everything.
Just after Nai’s sixth birthday he was taken forcibly from his parents, his captors planned to sell him to the highest bidder, telling Nai that it was pointless to run away because he wouldn’t have anywhere to go now that his parents didn’t want him.
After being told this repeatedly and realising that no one was coming for him, he began to believe his captors thinking that his parents still had his brother so why would they want him. Eventually he was able to escape and from that point on he’s taught himself how to look after himself, watching people cook and train he picked up what he needed to know to survive. Over the years he’s become very distrusting of people, and would rather fight his way out of a situation rather than try to talk his out.
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