Information (Read before roleplaying)

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Information (Read before roleplaying)

Post by Ely- on Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:33 am

- The world is over taken with a very deadly disease that turns humans into zombies. The disease spreads out in America, Europe and other places like Japan. Reasons for the outbreak are still unknown but it's creating mass panic everywhere and everyone has his or her own opinion about the disease.

Roleplay and several other things:
The roleplayers will not only be facing zombies but also people who will try to benefit from the situation, manipulators, people driven into insanity, people who turn their back on the situation, groups who fight for protection of the zombies because they think they can still be saved..and more..
There will be several major events in the roleplay that will change the situation for all roleplayers.

News reports will help your character to stay alive. It will be a freeform roleplay where you can go everywhere in the city. The weaknesses of the zombies are that they are slow, react to noise, can't go through doors so your save behind anything higher then the zombies like a gate or a wall.
But they can break down a gate if there are 10 of them pushing against it.
The zombies will be played by the roleplayers but don't go overboard like your running away from 100 zombies, try to keep it realistic and not anime-ish when it comes to fighting more zombies then one

(Example of how zombies will be played by you:) Takumi sees two zombies and quickly runs to them before smashing one of their heads with a baseball bat.
the other zombie turns around but Takumi gives a hard swing with the bat towards his head and smashes it into pieces. (You will just add the zombies in your post.)

Being "safe" and weapons:
Use what you can find but think big, you got weapons in a museum, gun stores, police department's and other places.
You can also use certain things you find on the way and create weapons.

Character events:
When your roleplaying there might be a time where I'll NPC a certain character, this NPC character will be joining your roleplay for a little while. How you respond and react to this character is all up to you, but remember this character might be a manipulator or maybe insane or someone who's trying to steal whatever your carrying.

REP: You will earn REP for:
You can earn points for weapons designing, the way you roleplay, character progress, choices you make during Major Events and solving the character event without killing the NPC character. (more will be added)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Survival, Psychological, Modern

After ten years she enters her world of madness again
But in her Wonderland she is sufficiently fortified to boot these creatures' nether regions.

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