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Character Template! (Used For ALL!!!)

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Character Template! (Used For ALL!!!) Empty Character Template! (Used For ALL!!!)

Post by Kami-Sama on Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:49 pm

This is The Character Template needed in ALL 3 Different Kinds of Roleplaying, Please Use it or els Your Char Will "NOT" be Approved, if you have a Better One tho, Please Tell one of the Roleplaying Moderators, They might Adjust it so it can be used, Try too tell everything About your Char or Atleast as Much as you can, we don't really mind but if you could we Would try too keep the Editing to a Minimum, if you want to edit it anyway's Ask a Mod to open your Character Profile.

(NOTE: Below the Template with Explainations there is the Template you can use, Just Copy and Paste it too your own Character Profile)

(NOTE: When posting in Novel style please Add this template to the Story you want to Join in the Registration part)

(Template(With Explains))

Name: (Character Name)

NickName: (Character Nickname (Not Required)

Age: (The Characters Age, Depending on What you are, Humans Can't be over a 100 years, or you'll have too be a Cyborg, but Depending on what you are the Age can be higher, But that's only when the Character is Able to go above a 100 years old..)

Height: (the Character's Height, Please Keep it Reasonable, The Characters Can't be as High as a House, if you do Want that, Ask a Moderator)

Weight: (The Character's Weight, Also keep it Reasonable, the Character Can't be a few Thousand Kg/Pound)

Race: (What Race is Your Char, Human, Demon, Vampire Ect.)

Class: (What Class is your Char)

Appearance: (Please Make Shure you get a "Good" Description or even better a Picture, If you don't have a Picture try too be as Precise as Possible explaining how the Character looks)

Personality: (verry simple, tell them your Characters personality, or the two/three or howmany ever you want)

Items/Weapons: (Simple tell What Your Char Carries, but even here, keep it real!)

Biography: (The character's history, Try too be Detailed about there History, and try not too Copy everything From Wiki, If you do, please Remove any Links or Translations in the Copied Stuff and Make it Yourself (the Translation) That will make it Easyer for the Moderators to look through it and will approve Sooner)

Ability's: (What Can your Character Do, Also here Try too explain EVERYTHING your Char can do, We Rather Have that everything is Told but if it's Part of what you want you can Leave it out)

Attacks: (Tell Every Attack your Character Has, if you can Try too explain as Much as Possible, and With Naruto Jutsu's Explain as much as you can, We don't mind those used on other websites, but there are only a very few amount of People in the Series that can do all 5 elements (and even they used Different Techniques to get them up till now, if you do want that, ask a Moderator if it's allowed, they will review, and also the Jutsu's arent all A or S class Jutsu's, So keep the Char as Realistic as Possible)

Relationships with Other Characters: (Tell all Relationships you have with Characters in the Game, even if it's just a Friendship, and if Possible ask the Person who owns the Character if it's possible)
















Relationships with Other Characters:

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