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Namuri Mika & Hokisa

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Namuri Mika & Hokisa Empty Namuri Mika & Hokisa

Post by Dragon Girl on Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:22 pm

Name: Mika Namuri

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Human / Chuunin


Namuri Mika & Hokisa 25qxbeo

- Height: 1,68 meter
- Weight: 56,2 kg
- Eye color: Brown
- Hair color: Brown
- Body: See picture´s

Name: Hokisa

Namuri Mika & Hokisa 6pt95k

- Age: 2 1/2 years old
- Gender: Male
- Race: Snow Leopard
- Height: 64 cm
- Weight: 54 kg
- Eye color: Sapphire blue
- Body: See picture´s


Mika doesnt know her real parents.
She was adopt as she was 3 years old.
Her stepparents was really gentle to her and love her as she would be they only child.
She joined the Academy when she was 8 and had become a Genin by the age of 12.
Mika was not really interested in the fight´s and decide to learn the medical way of a Ninja.
She had some really good teachers and learnt really fast what she needed to know.
For her team she was really helpful as they enter the Chuunin Exam with 17 years.
The whole team pass the exam with very few problems and even Mika doesnt have really much attack Jutsu´s, she pass as well.
Some mission´s after Mika pass the Chuunin Exam, she was with her team on a mission in a high snow mountain area.
As they are on the way back, she found a injured snow leopard kitten which would probably died if she hadn't taken it with her.
As the kitten was healed and strong enough to survive alone, she try a lot of times to set it free, but each time, the leopard comes back to her.
After over 50 try´s to set him free, she give him the name Hokisa and kept him as a pet.
As she get 18 years, her step father died from an untreatable sickness and her step mother died only some month later at the same sickness.
Since this time, she leave her team and got a job in the library to get more experience into the herbs and to get a bit time for herself.
For difficult mission´s where a team need a medic ninja, she get sometimes called but doesnt make active each mission.
She like the quiet atmosphere into the library and after some time, she get into talk with one of the visitors which stay the most of the time there and read through old books.
Susumu Ogita is for her a nice guy and she get always a bit nervous if he is around her.
But if they start to talk over books, she doesnt really notice that she get close to normal and also can stay next to him.
As soon she get out of the current theme, she get fast nervous again and the most of time she get clumsy.

Hokisa is a snow leopard from some high mountains and his mother was killer from hunters as he was a kitten.
As he try to survive, he trip, falls down a high cliff and hurt his back legs.
His luck was that Mika found him and take care of him as long he doesnt was be able to take care of himself.
As he was old enough, Mika try to set him free again but he comes each time back to her into the Village of Konoha.
After around 50 try´s to set him free, Mika decide to keep him as a pet and he stay since this time always at her side.


Mika has a really shy personality and get from time to time really clumsy if she is into her thoughts over nice looking boys.
She let drop things or walk into other stuff which stand in the way.
The only thing which let her normal react are her pet Hokisa.

Hokisa is really kind and gentle to girl´s since Mika healed him and give him a place where he can life.
He is really protective in front of Mika and follow in some ways the most of her orders.


- Kunai`s
- Shurikan`s
- Explosion Tag`s
- Smoke bomb`s
- Poison for weapon`s


- Advance Medikit
- Antidote
- Different kind of soldier pill`s
- A scroll where she can take a lot of medic equipment

Relationships with other characters:

Susumu Ogita: She know him from her job in the library and feel a bit more as only a friendship for him.


-Ninpou Jutsu:

Bikou Ninjutsu (Shadowing Stealth Technique) (E-Rank)
Bikou Ninjutsu is the technique ninjas use to follow their targets covertly. The manner in which the ninja shadows their target can differ, from the basic hiding under a nearby object, to using a jutsu to turn oneself invisible.

Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique) (E-Rank)
A basic ninja jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. Clones of the caster are created in their perfect likeness. They are false images, somewhere near the realm of illusions, but physically present. They can not cast jutsus or throw weapons, as they possess no material form. "Bunshins" will automatically disappear when hit.

Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) (E-Rank)
A basic ninja jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. The user is transformed into a different appearance. They can change into anything from another person to a shuriken, as long as it is not a gas or liquid. In transformation, the user retains the same strength, weight, and density; one can not fly away as a bird or evade an attack as smoke.

Kabenobori no Jutsu (Wall Climbing Technique) (E-Rank)
By focusing chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on walls. Walls that are thin or frail are more difficult to walk on without breaking them.

Kai (Release a Genjutsu) (D-Rank)
Kai is a Ninjutsu technique which allows the ninja to avoid the effects of a Genjutsu illusion. After forming the needed handseals, the Genjutsu technique will not affect the ninja. The ninja can also use the technique on another individual who was unable to avoid the attack. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja touches the one affected to end the affect of the spell.

Kanashibari no Jutsu (Temporary Body Paralysis Technique) (C-Rank)
Kanashibari no Jutsu is an advanced Ninjutsu technique used to temporarily bind an individual or animal. With the person frozen in place, the ninja can either take the opportunity to attack or to retreat.

Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique) (E-Rank)
A basic ninja Jutsu required to graduate into a Genin. The user switches his or her body with another object in an instant. It can be a plant, object, or animal, but not a person, something gaseous, or a liquid not in a container. Traditionally, the ninja inexplicably switches with a log. It is a useful Jutsu for escape or evasion, but must be prepared one post prior to use by concentrating on the object in question and forming the hand seal.

Kinobori no Jutsu (Tree Climbing Technique) (E-Rank)
By focusing chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on trees. More difficult than walking along solid walls.

Nawanuke no Jutsu (Rope Escaping Technique) (E-Rank)
Nawanuke no Jutsu is a very basic Ninjutsu technique that allows a ninja to escape from rope binds. The user focuses their chakra into the ropes, causing a bare minimum of friction between them; this will cause simple knots to come apart.

Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) (E-Rank)
Shunshin no Jutsu is a basic technique. The ninja will disappear and reappear in an instant, allowing them to travel along short to medium distances almost instantly. This teleportation-like technique is usually just used for dramatic entrances or exits, as upon arrival in the new location, the ninja will need to completely reorient themselves to their surroundings. It also uses far too much chakra to be used for traveling purposes. It may not be used in battle.

Suimen Hokou no Gyou (Art of Water Walking) (E-Rank)
By focusing chakra into the feet, the user is able to walk on water. More difficult and chakra-consuming than walking on trees.


Nemuri (Sleep) (C-Rank)
A Genjutsu technique where the ninja places his hand on his target's shoulder and forces them into a deep slumber. A useful technique when subterfuge is involved with a mission, but utterly useless in combat.

Omoi Fugu no Jutsu (Mind Fog) (C-Rank)
The opponent thinks that they are surrounded in a blanket of thick fog.

Medic Jutsu`s:

Hadoku no Jutsu (Poison Detection Technique) (D-Rank)
Through the use of this simple medical technique, the medic nin is capable of flowing a bit of their chakra into the target and determining if and what type of poison is present in them. The technique is merely a diagnosis, the cure has to be administered separately.

Kekki no Jutsu (Vigor Technique) (D-Rank)
A basic transfusion technique in which the user channels chakra into a patient in order to relieve fatigue and exhaustion. This is tiring for the user, although usually a net gain; the patient will become more refreshed than the user, who becomes tired. (Note: This does not replenish the patient's chakra supply or heal injuries. It simply relieves the effects of being overly tired and overworked.)

Kyuukyuu on Jutsu (First Aid Technique) (D-Rank)
Kyuukyuu is used to teach prospective medic nins the basics of medical chakra control. It creates a weak field of healing chakra that can be used to heal small injuries, such as surface burns or small cuts, or begin the healing of larger ones.

Shinryou no Jutsu (Diagnosis Technique) (D-Rank)
This technique is one of the primary tools of a medic-nin. Over the course of several minutes it will analyze a patient's body, allowing the user to assess the current state of the patient and identify unusual conditions, including injuries, poisons, and diseases. The medic nin can then use his knowledge and training to determine the proper treatment.

Yakunai no Jutsu (Medicine Cabinet Technique) (D-Rank)
Through the use of this medical sealing technique, the user is able to seal any/all of their medical equipment into a special scroll for easy storage, organization, and ease of use for when medical supplies are needed.

Chakra no Mesu (Chakra Scalpel) (C-Rank)
A ninjutsu technique used primarily for field surgery. The ninja concentrates a powerful aura of chakra around his hand, creating a blade capable of tearing through muscles and arteries, without actually breaking the skin of the person they're using it on.

Suitai no Jutsu (Weakening Technique) (C-Rank)
This technique functions in a way that effects the targets muscular system directly, effectively cutting the targets physical strength in half. (NOTE: Requires a direct hit with the chakra scalpel)

Teichou no Jutsu (Slowing Technique) (C-Rank)
This technique functions in a way that effects the targets muscular system through their motor system, effectively cutting the targets speed in half. (NOTE: Requires a direct hit with the chakra scalpel)

Chiyute no Jutsu (Mystical Hand) (B-Rank)
AKA Shoten no Jutsu/Shousen no Jutsu. The ninja focuses chakra into the palms of his hands, creating a small ball of healing chakra. This chakra is applied to a patient to heal localized, physical injuries. It can repair most injuries that could be healed naturally- cuts, broken bones, and lesser burns are readily repaired with Chiyute.

Fujimi no Jutsu (Pain Numbing Technique) (B-Rank)
By touching a target while using this technique, the user is able to completely block out the target's sense of pain. As a result, the targeted person will be able to act normally through any injury short of a physically crippling event like shattered bones or severed ligaments and tendons.

Saikan Chuushutsu no Jutsu (Fine Affliction Extraction) (B-Rank)
Saikan Chuushutsu no Jutsu is a skill used by medical ninja to remove harmful poisons from a patient's body. The ninja will infuse their chakra into liquid, which they will insert into the patient. They will then use the liquid as a medium to draw out the poison from the cells. This mix can then be removed from the body. Depending on the deadliness of the poison, further treatment with an antidote or medicine may be required.
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Namuri Mika & Hokisa Empty Re: Namuri Mika & Hokisa

Post by Keiko Neisan on Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:27 pm

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