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Iori Yagami

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Iori Yagami Empty Iori Yagami

Post by Mains on Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:56 am

Name: Iori Yagami

NickName: The Indigo Inferno Of Misanthropy

Age: 24

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Race: Human

Class: N/A

Iori Yagami 73gtfq

Iori posses a narcistic personality. He feels no real attachment towards anyone or anything. He does, however, exhibit an allmost all-consumeing zeax deriving from the enemity of his clan towards the house of Kusanagi.

A guitar.

Iori is a decendant of the heroic Yasakani clan that, along with the Kusanagis, was versant in the ways of conquering the Orochi. He lived his life as anyother ordinary human. He went to school to get an education. At some point in middle school he started a band and some other people from his class joined. Later in high school his band started doing concerts, and they soon became a sort of local celebreties. But out of all the people in the band, Iori was the only one people avoided. He simply told people to leave him alone, and most people did. Those who didn't most likely got burned, or knocked out. He wasn't really satisfied with how his life was after he finished high school. So just to get some excitement into his life, he joined the tournament called 'the king of fighters' He found the tournament fairly easy, as none of his opponents could do much against his flames. But that changed in the semi finals, when he had to face, Kyo Kusanagi. The first thing any one said, was the Question from Kyo. He asked what color Iopri's flames were. Thats were Iroi remembered where he had heard Kyo's name from. He was a Decendant of the Kusanagi's, the rival clan of the Yasakani. Iori Filled with hate, didn't answer Kyo and attacked head on. The battle raged for thirty minutes, before Iori lost the fight, due to exhaustion. From that moment on, he trained to defeat and Kill Kyo. The year after Iori joined the new 'king of fighters' tournament. This time, he suceeded in winning, but there was no Kyo. Disappointed, Iori went home and took on his normal life again.

He can summon purple flames, due to the Orochis blood in his veins.

Iori fights with the Yagami style of ancient martial arts and pure instinct.

Relationships with Other Characters: N/A

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Iori Yagami Empty Re: Iori Yagami

Post by Keiko Neisan on Fri Nov 27, 2009 10:44 am

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