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Denno's really random stories with no point at all

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Denno's really random stories with no point at all Empty Denno's really random stories with no point at all

Post by Denno on Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:06 pm

So when i was asked why i have so little anger management, i explained why

i just sort of lost it in a river of confusion while i was swimming over in my boredom, and i never got myself time to go back and get it cause there was a giant shark that ate it, and i figured it would be too much work to get it bag from the shark cause it was the ruler of the river, along with its mother that was a giant dinosaur, that had survived the giant meteor by making a deal with this time traveling pirate that wanted the gold that was hidden under the foot of the dinosuar, but the gold wasent there as the time traveling ninja got it before him, but while the ninja wasent paying attention a small pixie came by and stole all the gold so he could buy a bucket of gold from a leprechaun, but then the ninja and pirate teamed up together, which is a very unlikely pair, and they then hunted down the pixie with their time traveling powers, and they arraived in what looked like a balcony to a big opera where the pirate took his gun and shoot at the pixie that then time traveled on, and the pirate instead hit a man named abraham lincoln, so another man got blamed for the murder, now the pixie that had ran away forgot all the gold at the opera, and the pirate and ninja didnt notice so they continued to hunt the pixie, and then they all stopped up and asked what they where doing again, but no one could answer, so the ninja sneaked up behind the pixie and stabbed him in the back with a balista that for some reason was in the time dimension, but the funny thing is how it got there, it was during the fight of camelot when a time traveling shark came and ate the balista that all the people at the castle went crazy began finding big bombs and threw them around until the castle was gone, and while the shark was passing trough it left a gate to the time dimension, and the reason it didnt pass the pirate pixie and ninja was because it was called home by its mother, and it choose to eat my anger management as a snack before going home

Denno's really random stories with no point at all Exhaustion__Vampire_Knight__by_TragicAntiHero

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