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The National Health Service for America

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The National Health Service for America Empty The National Health Service for America

Post by Yanjin on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:17 am


Well we all know that Obama wanted (wants) to get this done so we of course need a thread on it!

Now, I'll get the ball rolling with my opening statement and then you guys can of course reply and probably disagree with me.
I think that America is in dire need of some kind of free health service on a nation-wide scale, I know that there are some 'free clinics' in the States but I don't believe that they are government funded. I know that the usual rebuttal to this would be that it means there will be a downgrade that goes through all the hospitals but I'm going to stamp that out right now! The condition and overall quality of the hospitals would be decided by the government, not anyone else. Doctor's wages wont necessarily be cut either because it would all be decided by the government.

Another thing I have noticed is that Americans whom argue against this fail to acknowledge the fact that private healthcare would still be available for those who can afford it and apparently most Americans can. This service would be for people who can't afford healthcare - these people die young, they can't get their medication and by saying "fuck National Health!" you're condemning millions of Americans to a life riddled with sickness, can you really sleep with that on your conscience?

Don't you also think that family life would be better if parents weren't struggling with money so much? Surely you've all experienced or seen your family experience problems with money and they have two options; cancel the healthcare and not be protected should something happen or alternatively keep the insurance and struggle even more with money - perhaps even face debt. I'd like to point out that problems with money and the stress it causes are accountable for domestic violence, family breakdown and almost everything else that is wrong with the family in the modern era.

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The National Health Service for America Killahbeee

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The National Health Service for America Empty Re: The National Health Service for America

Post by Kami-Sama on Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:26 am

Lol you know that Obama wants too use the Health care system the dutch are using now (it's really awesome if you get sick you'll get all the help ya need ;D and here it's FIRST HELP then money

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