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EnxEss Empty EnxEss

Post by Yanjin on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:29 am

- EnXess & xtobelovedx

Here I am alone again
These fucking noises that I can’t defend
These fucking feelings I can’t repair
I’m just trapped in this hole
My own personal despair

I wish I could grow wings
Just fly away from here
I just can’t stay
Not with these people
These faces
These fucking fears
All I am and all I was
Means nothing in this endless song

I can’t just run
I can’t even hide
These feelings that kill me
Can‘t you all please just leave me be
I’m still alone
The noise is only louder
Who are these people?
Who insist on turning me to dust
Just tortured powder
I’m just alone
So fucking lost
So fucking hurt

I wish I could grow wings
Just fly away from here
I’m sick of this shit
Sick of these people
These faces
All these fucking fears

I just want to go
I just want to run
To hide away by myself
To escape from these feelings
To stop me from drowning

Alone again
Darkness and silence my only friend
The people just wont go
I’m surrounded by them
And I’m still so alone
I just want some recognition
Some love
Some positivity
So this life will just…
Just stop fucking with me

I wish I could grow wings
Just fly away from here
I always sit and promise myself
Make a plan to escape
From this hurt and this hate
These people I despise
Every day these fucking lies
Smiling through the pain
With nothing left to gain
Only the hope that one day
I’ll grow wings
I’ll grow wings and fly away


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EnxEss Empty Re: EnxEss

Post by xtobelovedx on Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:50 pm

S'really good. Though I think everything you write is.
And woo for me helping you? Sorta. ._.

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