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Hatako Takura

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Hatako Takura Empty Hatako Takura

Post by Kami-Sama on Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:46 pm

Name: Hatako Takura

Nickname: Hako

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 187cm

Weight: 70kg

Race: Human/Demon

Human Traveller/ the demon inside him is also known as "The King of
Death" tho presumed too be Dead sinds the Last great Battle between
Humans and Demons..


Human Form:
Hatako Takura Animeboy7

Demon Form:
Hatako Takura Demonchronobyrelotixke

Also He has a Tatoo of an angels wing on his Upper left arm.


Dual Personality.

Human Personality:
has a Shy Personality, he is Clumsy and Nice. He alway's acts Cool and
Tough, and like he's the best But he's Really Friendly when you know
him he know's how Too make a Person Laugh, even if it isn't his
intention, also his Clumsyness Doesn't help with his Cool Act..

Demon Personality:
his demon form he's alot less shy but sometimes as clumsy as in his
human form. he is alot more agressive and Strong also he makes people
fear him when he goes into enraged form and that only happens if one of
his friends is hurt or if they treat him like scum. when that happens
he is almost unstoppable.
He's sometimes Evil when he gets intoo
fighting mood, If that happens he doesn't care who you are but he can
make a person suffer and Kill The person with alot of joy, or Stop
completely and help the person out of nowhere with the other side
taking over again, it's sometimes Fighting in his head wich can make
him Fight others, without a good reason.


he can use alot of Fist and knife attacks but in human form they mostly are to fail because of his clumsyness.
when he goes into demon form He can Move Swiftly across the battlefield and Attack from any direction.

~Demon Form

Transforms intoo his Demon form, Mostly he does this when he wants too
and Lets his Inner demon take over, but sometimes it happens randomly
and even in his sleep. When he Transforms Willingly His inner Demon
Takes over Completely and Is possible too Use alot more Power then when
he Takes over when Hatako Doesn't want it, Also When he Does Transform
The Presence Around him Gets alot more Tense, and some People and
Animal's Can Feel The Change in Sfeer and Setting.
As he Transforms he Can make Nearby Water Freeze over and His Dark aura can be seen by Most animals and Some Humans and Demons.

*Dark Cloud*
Flying he Can make himself be envenoped by a Large black cloud, when he
does that it means he's on the Defensive and Protects himself Beeing
the only one able too see the opponent because of his demon eye's altho
if he Desides too attack he first has too expose himself by clearing
the black cloud.

*Reign of Torment*
By Using his Dark Power
he Can summon Lightning too Fall Down From the Skies, But it takes time
too charge, Making the Sky dark and Covered in clouds but he can
Desimate Whole area's if he wants too.

For This
simple attack he would need his Arms, The armor Surrounding his arms is
Strong and Hard too break, and his Finger tips are Sharp, But he Can
Now also Use his Wings Too Slice and Cut Through alot. The armor is
alway's around his Lower arms when he Transforms..

*Ihashi Hakuro*
(Name Given by Hatako: Takaheni Hato (Earthlike Hell))
Skill that made the Demon inside Hatako Known Throughout the Demon and
Human world as The King of Death, Hades or any other name they have for
the God of the Underworld.
He can Unleash The Power of Himself for
only a minute but in that minute he Makes the Sky go red and The Ground
in an Area go Black, Tree's look Dead things and The Water Looks like
blood for anyone in the area..
This Area of Effect is Usefull for
Hatako too Use everything he got, in cases people just Fainted by the
Sight of him in this Area, he looks like Himself but on the red
Background His Body looks black and His eye's (depending on his mood)
are Red or White glowing
He can Move Just Slightly Faster then
normal and His strength is also just slightly inproved but this is a
Great atvantage when Fighting people his Strength.


also is able to "Rampage" that makes him powerfull enough to darken the
skies and Make the sky go crazy, altho this requiers a large Emotion
burst too happen.


Bottle of Water

in the Middle of a battle for the earth against demons somehow a demon
Known only as "The king of Death" was trapped inside of him after the
demon tried to kill him.
His mom and him Discarded by his own father
who now saw him as a Monster he lived a life far away from humans and
Demons he lived in happyness untill the age of 13 when his mother died
from an illness.
at the age of 15 the Demon inside of him Started to
talk against him via his mind and made him belive that he is his inner
self speaking to him. also telling him his name that now only a few
know that is: Ferosia Gahirii
at the age of 19 they both started on
a journey for different reasons, Ferosia to get his old body back and
Hatako to See the world.
(The Greatest Parts will be Shown in the Story)

(Note: This Char is Only shown as it is right now The True Char will be Developing while the Rp grows...)

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