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Yui Empty Yui

Post by Keiko Neisan on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:34 pm

Name: Yui

Height: 4.5 inches (8cm)

Age: 15

Race: Nymph (forest/woodland variety)

Appearance :
Yui 10-3
Yui 5-3


Teleportation over long distance
flying (only has wings in some seasons}
Changes colours to camoflage in the forest (also seasonal though she can change if overly scared)
healing abilities but due to her size she can't do much
water manipulation but only enough to move water around, no real power behind it

she was brought up as the middle child of 15, a relatively small family for the forest nymphs. she grew up in the center of the forbidden forest learning to look after the evnironment around her.. she was well loved by her family and the people she knew, and was even promised the the eldest son of the head family who she had secretly had a crush on since she was very young
her younger sister being the black sheep of the family and had run off to be with a Night Imp, which was a taboo in the Nymph world, as Imps where only after nymphs to try and steal their abilities. Yui went after her sister, worried that her sister was being mistreated. when she got there she found her sister dead and in her distress had walked into a trap. She was tortured and badly beaten by the Night Imp's and left for dead in a section of forest she didn't know. She was saved and healed by a passing Alchemist and half demon (Tsukiko). while searching for Yui's home the two became exceptional friends, they finally found the Nymph village but everyone had left completely abandoning the village. Yui was very upset and scaredas she had never been alone before, she quickly caught up to Tsukiko and told her what had happened and asked if she could stay at her side until she had found her family again. Tsukiko agreed and they travelled together from that point on.
One day they were helping a village with a demon infestation and Yui witnessed Tsukiko binding a young man to her via a ritual, then watched intently as she trained him. the young man trained hard and almost killed himself on many occassions, but Tsukiko always appeared when he needed her the most. and he eventually killed the demon releasing the village from the terror they had been living under.
Yui asked Tsukiko about the ritual and once she knew about it asked to be bound to Tsukiko, who initially refused but Yui kept badgering her and eventually Tsukiko gave in and bound Yui to her, after an initial feeling of being overwhelmed and suddenly breaking down in tears Yui came to terms with the choice she had made.
A few months later She was alone in a forest gathering seeds to replant in another area when she was caught by and Imp hunter and stuffed in a bottle to be sold on the black market as either a pet or for research. seconds later Tsukiko appeared and rescued her, scaring the hunter so much that he promised never to hunt for imps, Nymphs or faeries again.
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