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Hanae Empty Hanae

Post by Keiko Neisan on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:45 pm

Name : Hanae Etsuyo
Age : 18
Sex : Female
Height: 5' 7" (170cm)
Weight: 8st 7lb (119lb, 54kg)
class: N/A
Race: Human

She’s a very understanding person, and always tries to see the good in everyone. She isn’t an idiot or gullible though, she’ll give people the benefit of the doubt but once they break her trust she finds it very difficult to trust them again.
She’s fairly intelligent, but is prone to being a bit thick on occasion. She loves to laugh, and mess around but will be serious when she needs to be. Though if a situation is getting too serious or stressful she will try and inject some humor into the subject normally with innuendo or another form of flirting or ribbing. (this has gotten her into trouble in the past)
All in all she’s pretty happy go lucky.

Hanae 6-4Hanae 8-3
Blue hair and Blue eyes
She switches between a white shirt and black trousers
and a black, gold and cream dress with black boots for both

She's mainly a defensive fighter, and only attacks to protect someone she cares about. To be honest she’s more of a distraction than a attacker

Bag containing medical supplies, food, drink, and a change of clothes
Basic healing abilities (cuts, bruises, broken bones)
Mind reading
Water manipulation (probebly her strongest ability, she can also form herself into watervapor, if she has the time it take a few minutes for her to do so she can't use it in a fight)
Wind manipulation (again not very strongly, she can produce tornado’s if she strains herself)
Metal manipulation (Deforming some objects making small objects, sheilds, weaponry etc)

Hanae was born and raised on a farm in the middle of no where, she's capable of looking after herself and how and where to find food in the wilds, Her father was very protective of her and would frequently chase of any boy that tried to date her. her mother was very careing and would always have a kind word or would take the time to explain things no matter how busy she was.
Hanae's parent were killed in a house fire when she was14 leaving Hanea homeless and alone. She has been traveling ever since, never staying in one place for long but ulitmatly trying to find a place to call home
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