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Naruto: World At War Pt.2 (example)

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Naruto: World At War Pt.2 (example) Empty Naruto: World At War Pt.2 (example)

Post by Kami-Sama on Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:22 pm

This is How you Would Make it, This is Just an EG so Don't worry about it too much... you could use it later tho

Previously On Naruto...
The Enemy Shinobi who were known as Shinobi with Vampire Kekkei Genkai
were defeated by the brave Ninja who rose to defend their home known as
The Shinobi World. A well known leaf Ninja known as Kakashi Jr had
become the 11th Hokage and promised to lead his Country to the right
path of Peace. Sora, the Ninja who everyone thought was annoying had
plaid a big role and so received ANBU rank title. His friend however,
Sazanami had fled with the Vampire Ninja, becoming a Rogue shinobi and
thus being entered in the Bingo book.

Many Years ago, before there were Countries...the Land was occupied by
clans who fought endless war. There were the Uchiha, Senju, Hyuuga and
other well known clans. Two Clans who fought tirelessly in a sepperate
part of the Shinobi world were the Klen Tribe and the Ookami Clan. The
Klen Tribe were ruthless vampires who lusted for blood, and the Ookami
were the Monster werewolves who lusted for Kill and thrill.

Like the Uchiha and Senju, the Ookami and Klen Tribe hated each other
and were rivals. They fought, killed, roared their power and skills to
the highest peek! Such strong clans were getting no where, each match
were ties and if there was a winner, the other would propose an all out
attack and become the best. It was a never ending battle until one
day....the final battle was proposed by both sides. Loser would be
sealed and the winner will take over the land and progress their names.
Unfortunately...the Ookami Clan lost to the Vampires thus leading to
their sealing. A child however, wondered off before the sealing
occurred. Growing up without knowing his abilities, he made a family.
This family one day, unlocked their transformation ability and were
killed by unknown hunter ninja. In time, 1 Ookami happened to survive
and this Ookami is threatening to bring back the Ookami clan, and take
vengeance upon the Shinobi World.

Your Story!
You are a Leaf Gennin Level Ninja who just graduated the Academy and is
going to wake up to go get assigned to a team by the 11th Hokage! You
will embark on a journey to find clues as to where Rogue ninja may be
and thus report back to the Hokage and let the ANBU take care of the
You are a young Genin, and innocent to the eyes of the Shinobi
world...but to the Ookami, you are an infection and must be killed! You
are fighting Werewolf Ninja. Chuunin exams are nothing compare to the
nightmare you will confront.


(This is where you Place the Maps, Try too keep them Spoiled to make shure it isn't too big...)

Jutsu Max:

(Some would Want a Jutsu or Tech Max, Make Shure it is Done here.. Like this..

Genin: 10 Max
(the Techs they can use)

Chuunin: 20 max

Jounin: 30 max

s-Class Missing nin: 50 max


1. No Spamming.
2. No Over Powerful Characters. You can Be powerful! Just not too powerful.
3. No Auto Hitting or Controlling Other Characters.
4. No more than 1 character, if you want 2 characters let me know.
5. Posts must be at least 2 Paragraphs or more.
6. Make your posts count.
7. If you join make sure you are an active member.
(You can make your own Style of Warnings but it needs too be Confined with the Mod)

the rotation you want in it...(depending on the Players..)

Other info can be added at your wish...
and this is Just an Example, Try too Do your Style and Invent your own!!!
Template is in Template Topic, it will alway's be used...and Try too Make shure you post it in Regis Topic of the Same Novel you want too join...

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