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Traditional Role-Play: An Overview

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Traditional Role-Play: An Overview Empty Traditional Role-Play: An Overview

Post by Yanjin on Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:26 am

Well, with the new system in place, many of you may be wondering "What the hell is up with all these kinds of Role-Play"
This description is of the Traditional Role-Play (and doesn't cover any rules)

Now, Traditional role-play is the style we've always had on Anime Addicted.
The posts work on a post-by-post basis.
like this:
Post 1 (Dragon Girl) wrote:Naomi looks again to Shikuro and sigh.
"You take this to easy.
Its not that I doesnt would think the same way but you should be a bit more careful prepared.
Doesnt want that it would be end worse for you.
Post 2 (Zargon) wrote:Shikuro still looks carefree, just walking with Naomi.
"Look i have to be confident, if I'm not confident why should i even be a ninja if I don't think I can atleast ive the best a chalenge? its all abut knowing when to stop, and when to go for it"

The second post is based on the first, a reaction, as it where between the two characters, this can continue for as long as you wish it to, then of course, the characters can part ways, go somewhere else, whatever you wish to happen really.

The main idea of this is to create a story as a community with threads such as "The Dark Forest" where anyone can post and anyone can reply to someone (though, it needs to make sense or the moderators will have a problem with the post and most likely delete it)


This traditional style can use anything really, be it your own ideas or existing fiction, maybe even a ,ox of the two (Characters tend to be Anime/Manga, such as Sasuke from Naruto).

You create a character by writing a biography using the template and posting it in the Character Registration for the Moderators to approve, though, there may be problems they wish to address with you before approving.

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