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Child's Play 2010

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Child's Play 2010 Empty Child's Play 2010

Post by Ely- on Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:58 pm

"Don't fuck with the Chuck."

Maybe you've heard that before...anyways a remake of Child's Play is coming out this year.
Im sure you know Chucky Child's Play 2010 95115

But yea anyone noticed that the first movie was great as a horror movie (back then) cuz you didnt see Chucky at all well only at the last minutes of the movie.
Child's play 2 was good but from then on it just went..crap but funny Child's Play 2010 308799
it started to get more comedy then scary, anyway i hope they can bring the horror back in this movie which they intend to do Child's Play 2010 368753
Got this from wiki;

Instead of making a sequel to follow Seed of Chucky
(2004) as originally intended the producers decided it was time to
return Chucky to his horror roots instead of the comedic side which
took control over 'Seed Of Chucky'. The only way they felt this was
possible was to "reboot" the franchise with a remake of the original
that was darker and scarier than even the original had been.

So your thoughts on this movie?

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