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Why we’re all fucked, a rant on Western youth. Part 1: Love.

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Why we’re all fucked, a rant on Western youth. Part 1: Love. Empty Why we’re all fucked, a rant on Western youth. Part 1: Love.

There’s so many places I could take this post.

Should I mention American kids with their junk food and television, should I mention Great Britain’s ‘Chav’ culture where it’s socially acceptable to fuck or stab anything that moves?

Or, I could just give an all-encompassing overview of the shit-storm that is youth.

Now, in this part of my rant I will mention the need to be ‘loved’.

This is a very touchy issue with most children in the modern day, some seem to believe love is something very easily achieved and dare I say it something they even NEED. Now, this is mainly aimed at the females out there, the ones who cite ‘boys’ for being cold and uncaring, maybe even emotionless but this is so far from the case, I would actually argue that we have a lot more sense than that and have a greater understanding of what love is and how to achieve it.
Girls however grow up watching all this lovey-dovey crap that is ruining their very idea of love, girls believe that movies and TV programmes show us what love is and this is so far from the case it almost hurts. Think about it this way: Love is something than cannot be expressed by anyone (As people insist it is special and undefinable – though I believe this is due to the fact that everyone has their own unique take on love) also love is something shared between two people.
For this study I shall use a film favoured by many of my female friends and even my girlfriend, this scourge of the “ruining” of love is known as ‘The Notebook’ now, any female readers at this point have recoiled in horror and about ready to remove my testicles and shove them most likely up my ass but before such an aggressive action is forced upon me I would like to add reason to my attack on the film. This film is, for one of a better word, shit. I have watched it an uncountable number of times and have never really liked it, nor do I like many romance films. Once again I will assume the female readers of this blog are crying bloody-Mary to the sky and are assuming it’s because I’m a guy and therefore hate emotion and everything associated with it.

But NO! That’s right female readers, the reason I hate this film is because of the unreal expectations it brings upon, more to the point the actors are not in love and if they don’t love each other they can’t convey such a strong emotion I am arguing this for love, not against love, love is something that you need to wait for and cherish, not something that you can achieve by watching films and hunting down a guy who fits the criteria.

Maybe I am hasty in my assumption but none of you can deny you’ve grown up believing that love is a norm and something you need but no, now girls search for love as young as the age of around 10! That’s shocking to me, I couldn’t comprehend complex emptions when I was so young, nor can any normal human being (once again, not because I’m a guy). It’s not just ‘The Notebook’ it’s hundreds of films set out for manipulating and warping peoples ideals of love and relationships, relationships are not perfect, people are not perfect and it is sick and wrong to make a child believe anything different.

Now, there’s been a whiplash from this…Sluts, yes, that’s right, Sluts. These ‘Sluts’ are just like normal girls, wanting attention and love from anyone they can get it from but unlike most girls who just watch films furthering their own personal delusions they find a new way to get love: Sex. They use sex to feel loved, they’re sleep with anyone, dress provocatively and dance like the sluts they are…Am I the only sane person left on Earth!? Sometimes I genuinely feel it and this is just the beginning of my rantings! Honestly, girls, if you read this then please, I beg of you to take romantic films a little less seriously as in the end it’ll fuck up your relationships and even chances for love all together.

I could rant on for hours about this but I have shortened it down considerably, now, a final apology for this as I have written it at 10 to 3 in the morning so my mind is not completely with me.

Thank you for reading this first entry,

Read it all here:


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Why we’re all fucked, a rant on Western youth. Part 1: Love. Killahbeee

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Why we’re all fucked, a rant on Western youth. Part 1: Love. :: Comments


Post on Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:54 am by SunsetRainbow

Aw...that's really undeniably sweet Nathan.
I so agree.
And by the way I hate The Notebook but yeah...

It's true.
I ALWAYS indulge myself in romance stories, sigh wistfully wishing my life was like that, wishing the guy would come out with pretty cliche lines like that in my life.

Love is a difficult emotion to express and even now, I'm still NOT SURE if I've actually felt it.


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Post on Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:32 pm by Yanjin

Well as I said there's no rush to feel it Smile
So don't worry.

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Post on Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:53 pm by SunsetRainbow

I know.
Sometimes I think I am but I don't know really.
Maybe I'll never experience it at all D:

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Post on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:57 pm by Yanjin

Only just seen this but don't talk like that Sarah, chances are you will

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Post on Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:19 am by SunsetRainbow

mhmm yeah
I think my expectations are way too high tbh.
And so when I get a boyfriend - or find out someone I like, likes me back - first thing I say is 'I love you'.
It's so stupid and I regret it immediately.
I don't think I've ever really been in love so yeah..
And it's really hypocritical of me because I scorn at people who say they're in love when they're a certain age or they've only liked someone for a few days. xD

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