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The History of Saiyou Arakuta

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The History of Saiyou Arakuta Empty The History of Saiyou Arakuta

Post by Yanjin on Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:49 am


Deep inside a dark, lifeless building a man hangs from a wall, this man is not like a normal human for, unlike many before him he was born with a special genetic lineage, one that dates back generations in his family, holding a dark, hideous secret that could never be uttered through fear of the words themselves.

Centuries ago, long before the establishment known as ‘Darks Academy’ which commits such vile acts as to train these poor excuses for monsters into what can only be described as super-powered terrorists there existed no knowledge on Earth of the two bordering words, except for one man, this man knew of the Shurin and their powers and was intrigued by them, he studied all the ancient texts he could find that related to them. It seemed from his studies that many civilizations knew about the Shurin. Babylonian, Egyptian and Incan texts all laid clues towards the whereabouts of a ‘gate’ of sorts, a portal between the two worlds. Now, this man was not stupid for he knew that to go to the gate would be nothing short of suicide, instead, he found a way to summon these beings he thought that…if he could perhaps summon this being into a cage of sorts then he would be able to control it and manipulate it into telling him about their word and their people, perhaps offer a secret to the powers they seem to hold.

And so it was decided, the man had set about a trap for the Shurin being he would summon. The trap being his arm through a cage and the scroll from which he would summon the being was inside the cage. the man was of course nervous of this being and had a gun in-hand in case the situation got out of hand. He had finally set everything up and sat down, saying a quick prayer his God before finally drawing on the courage to summon this being, as he cut his finger and the blood slid to the school he had a slight moment of regret, but, it being too late his just clenched his teeth and hoped for the best. As the blood hit the scroll the cage filled with a bright purple light, the light was odd though, it wasn’t purely visual, it was a solid object, it pushed against the bars and for a second the man feared he may of assumed the creature was smaller than he had first thought but after a few moments of fear and noise, the air feeling thick and hot with pressure the solid-light dulled down, revealing a scantily-clad young woman, visually looking no older than that of a 18 year old, more to the point the woman herself was highly attractive, though, her clothing was unusual, her pants seemed to consist of a blue, checked fabric that seemed tough and resilient and her top seemed to be nothing but a normal man’s shirt with no arms and only two thin pieces of fabric holding them up. The man stared in awe at this odd female, she seemed human enough to him and also appeared to be Caucasian, this was curious to the man as it showed the worlds seemed to be parallel, creating similar beings with similar conditions. After a few seconds the girl was obviously sick of the man staring at her “What the fuck are you looking at, human?” she asked in an abrasive tone that scraped at the man’s ears, causing him to jump with fear, it was curious to him this woman even spoke English, he collected himself though and smiled at the woman, moving towards the cage, trying to speak with the kindest and warmest tone possible “I am Matthew, I summoned you he…” before he can finish the woman rudely and aggressively interrupts “You summoned me? Nobody summons me, especially not some puny human scum!”. Matthew hesitantly shrugs off this rudeness and lets his more polite side shine through “May I ask you name?” he asked this kindly enough but all he got from the woman was a lump of spit right in the face.

Their quarrelling went on for a few days, most of them sleepless for both parties but eventually the two got bored of their futilities and came to talk more sanely together, mainly through sleep-deprivation it seemed, for it seemed that even this Shurin needed sleep, admittedly even in general speech she did threaten Matthew a fair bit but finally revealed her name as Shurin, Tamika. This of course lead Matthew to just call her ‘Tamika’ out of human formalities. After a while the two began to discuss Tamika’s powers, her powers seemed to be a special sort of visual hypnosis, one that allowed her to attracted members of both sexes, something she revealed she seldom uses as it takes away the “fun” of “playing” with someone. Further past this one power she has two elemental ones, the first being a severe form of Pyrokenesis, allowing her to burn the cage to a melted slab on the floor, then a form of Aerokenesis, which she used alongside the Pyrokenesis to mould the slab and use it to fuse Matthew to the wall opposite where her cage was. After torturing the man for what felt to the man like weeks she released him, taking pity on the pathetic creature. However before leaving the man to die she mated with him, obviously left without the physical stimulation of anyone for quite some time, especially since she had been caged by the foolish being, she never revealed why she had allowed herself to stay in the cage for that amount of time but one would assume it was to get to know the man before torturing him.

There was one problem with the current state of events though, Tamika found it hard to return to her homeland and soon fell pregnant with Matthew’s child, unfortunately for Tamika she died in child birth and her baby was adopted, since then the lineage of Shurin and Human combined had been passed down through generation to generation, being kept secret or dormant within the person.


As the man hangs there he considers his being, theoretically the perfect evolution, a being of not only Shurin heritage but of human too, a blend of the two worlds, now turned into nothing but a human’s play-thing. As the man’s surroundings became more visible it was clear that he was packed in some kind of experimentation room, there were two large hooks by his sides, needles pointing from them in an wide rage of angles, ready to stick into him for God knows what purpose, Saiyou just laid there, shirtless with blood covering a large part of his torso, his arms stretched to the side and held with chains, shackled to the wall like some kind of animal. They’d obviously injected him with something as he couldn’t use his powers at all, his manipulations could easy destroy this entire building yet alone the chains that hold him.

As he stares into the darkness his acute ears picking up footsteps slowly stepping towards him, soon a soldier becomes fully apparent to the man, the area lights up and the man closes his eyes in a dull effort, not used to the light the soldier brought forth. As the soldier approaches the man he manages to open his eyes slightly, seeing and old man, obviously war-torn and having several scars stretching across his wrinkled face. As the man speaks his mouth almost seems to separate, obviously showing his age as his skin looks more detached from him face than one would look in their youth, he speaks in a thick Texan accent, it was apparent from this the area they were locked in was most likely in the Western world, even more likely to assume it was the United States of America and cutting it even closer, Texas. The soldier, obviously of high status due to the large amount of medals he wore and the respect he seemed to command merely by his presence. After clearing his throat he finally spoke to the man hanging on the wall, not as rude as one might speak to a prisoner by more of an equal “Arakuta, Saiyou…There is something I want you to do for me….”. Saiyou looked on sadly as the commands were uttered, finally realising he had become a weapon.


Fires burn bright everywhere, smoke filling the sky above a desolate, empty city. On top of one of the largest buildings in the city still standing is a tall, dark, cloaked figure, obviously that of a man, from a first glance he appears to be the only human in the area, but at closer inspection there are noises, people running up the stairs and from the sound of it they’re carrying weapons, the slow chinking of their reels of ammo and their heavy armour and clothes being the only sign of their coming. The figure at the top of the building seemed not to fear the coming soldiers, despite the fact it didn’t appear he was carrying anything at all, having just his hands to defend himself from the battalion of soldiers closing in on him As they burst through a door with steps leading to the roof, the man in front of the battalion yells threateningly “Stand down, freak!”. The figure takes one look at the soldiers, now filing out of the building and standing around him in a circle. The figure breathes slower and puts his hands on the fringes of the hood of his cloak, pulling it back to reveal himself, Saiyou. Saiyou’s appearance was still that of years ago, his long, dark hair flowed down his fringe and back, untamed and apparent it hadn’t been cut of a number of months, because of the length of his hair, all his facial features were hidden but even with the coverage of his head, it was clear that his face wore a smirk. Without any warning all the soldiers flew back, their bodies left hovering over every side of the building, suspended in mid air and held their only by the power which Saiyou possesses. The soldiers scream and yell, struggling ignorantly to escape from Saiyou’s grip, their human instincts taking over any logical reasoning, not considering the consequences of actually breaking free from Saiyou. Saiyou growls quietly, wanting so badly to throw at least one of these pathetic excuses for humans into another building, cracking through the glass and smashing their bones into tiny pieces. Saiyou shakes his head, getting too lost in his own fantasies of these creature’s death. One last set of footsteps could be heard coming up the staircase leading to the roof, Saiyou’s head looks down slightly, as if he knows already who the man is. The man exits onto the roof, it’s the soldier from when Saiyou was a prisoner. “That’s enough Saiyou, you’ve had your fun…”. Saiyou looks up, growling slightly, the men have stopped screaming by now, either through sheer exhaustion or a fear for the old, weathered soldier that Saiyou seemed to be afraid of even himself. Saiyou speaks in a dark, weather-beaten voice, his accent is English but with a hint of Japanese behind some words, obviously brought up in both of the countries “I’ve had no fun, I killed all these humans out of pity, pity for what you want to make this world”. The soldier smirks smugly, knowing Saiyou wouldn’t react against him “Well, Saiyou, you’re the grunt helping me make this world”. Saiyou grits his teeth, infuriated by this man’s arrogance, the building beneath Saiyou starts to chip and crack “God would not allow extermination of these people”, the Soldier laughs at this comment, shaking his head in disagreement “Genocide has always been God’s thing, after all, what else do you call you power, huh? You have forty of the finest soldiers in the United States hanging over the edge of just one building, it is your powers that are committing this genocide, do you not see that if someone is given power then they will commit acts of genocide, it is merely human nature ”. Saiyou’s ears perk up, he seems intrigued by the Soldier’s words. “But there is a down-side, Saiyou…Everyone of these men has a life, many of them have wives, husbands and children and you’re going to cause pain by killing them... But your power will kill them, if you didn't have the power then you couldn't kill. That is why I use your power, to commit my own genocide. Your own acts of 'pity' as you call them are still hurting more people that you could imagine, you create genocide just as I do.”, the men start to shake as Saiyou comes back to his senses, considering sparing the men’s lives, not wanting to cause the hurt the Solider has revealed to him. The soldier shakes his head and holds up his hand “but I want you to kill them, Saiyou, murder them right NOW!”. Saiyou’s eyes start to glow, the light cutting through between his hair, shining out faintly, Saiyou nods once, his fear for the Soldier getting the better of him.

As Saiyou’s power starts to rise, his eyes close, too fearful to see the horror of which he is about to unleash. He clenches his fists and with a faint whisper finishes the men’s lives. “sorry”. As Saiyou utters this word, static electricity arches from his fingertips, spraying out and connecting with the limbs of the soldiers, the static pulsing around and around, burning out even the very atoms that make these men what they are. The screams lasted only a few seconds, but those few seconds were some of the worse of Saiyou’s tortured existence, as the men’s burnt charred, corpses fall out of Saiyou’s power, they drop down, most of them landing off the skyscraper and instead hitting the hard ground below, making the men seem not like many anymore but merely piles of burnt blood and flesh. Saiyou breathes out somewhat awkwardly, his eyes still shut tight, thinking of nothing more than what deprivation he had now brought to the lives of many, the women depressed forever by the loss of their greatest love, and, their poor children, now forever scarred by their own bastardisation. As Saiyou’s body limps with frustration and disgust at his own actions, the soldier which had ordered him to murder these poor, helpless men, walks towards Saiyou and, as he does, he pulls from behind him a single sword. Not a sword for himself but rather one for Saiyou. As the soldier gets close he holds out the sword, the blade pointing at Saiyou, not as a threat but as an offer, he was presenting the sword to Saiyou, for this sword was to be Saiyou’s own, personal sword. As the soldier stands there, with Saiyou not replying with anything more than a terrifying silence, he gets irritated, thrusting the sword forward so that the tip of it is firmly pressed against Saiyou’s chest. Saiyou looks up at the man through his broken fringe, one can only assume that he could only partially see the soldier standing before him, slowly Saiyou’s hand rises from his side and then, without a seconds hesitation he tightly grips the blade of the sword, his hands sliced open by the sword, the soldier looks shocked and momentarily drops his guard, allowing Saiyou to deliver a swift, open fist to the soldier’s chest, then, almost instantaneously he unleashes a violent wave of air manipulation, sending the soldier flying back to the edge of the building, Saiyou’s hand is left gripping the sword and, as he drops it to the ground, he is sent back by a wave of static electricity. Before him is not the soldier anymore but rather a warrior, all this time Saiyou had been putty in the hands of someone else with powers like his own and now, it was to be the greatest fight of Saiyou’s life.

The soldier smirks as Saiyou seems taken aback by his sudden outburst of power. As he walks towards Saiyou he lets out a deep laugh, his voice sounding crazed and broken as he speaks. “I, Saiyou Arakuta, am the Son of Kyashi Hizuriko, Kaname Hizuriko.”. Saiyou straightens out his body and clicks his neck to the side, smiling at Kaname through his long fringe, speaking confidently for the first time. “I don’t know who that person is… All I know is that you’ve kept me locked up and tortured me since I was younger. Now that I know you’re just like me, I have decided to kill you. You want to know why, Kaname?”. Saiyou smiles wider, somewhat crazed and cracks his knuckles. “Because people as powerful as myself should never exist”. With those words, Saiyou lets out a deafening roar that makes the building violently shake and crack, causing the building’s structure to become feeble enough for even a simple jump to send it off kilter and tumbling to the ground. Kaname was unaffected by the blast but certainly worried by the weakness of the ground below him. Kaname smiles slightly, trying to keep face with Saiyou and breathes out irritated by Saiyou’s risk. “Saiyou, you have no idea what, or who, you’re messing with”. Kaname’s words fall on deaf ears as Saiyou had already focused a large amount of air around himself, enough to bring the building down to the ground. With one final glance at his torturer, his enemy but, also, the only person on this Earth whom Saiyou knew, he unleashed his full power, a shockwave that blew all the remaining buildings in the city down, including the one which Saiyou and Kaname were standing on, as the building crumbles to the ground, Saiyou and Kaname are caught in the rubble, tens of thousands of tonnes of concrete land all around them, something that could leave no survivors.


Once the dust has settled around the buildings, there is no sign of life within the city. Not a single flame even dares to burn. After a few hours however, there is a quiet sound of rubble shifting, soon a shockwave tears through the building that Kaname and Saiyou had fallen with, soon after follows an explosive torrent of flame and static, the rubble is floating in mid-air as the flames and static gracefully dance around every piece of rubble and then, from the ashes, rises Saiyou Arakuta, the destroyer of all those with powers, the avenger of the fallen but, most importantly, the murderer of the first dean of ‘Darks Academy’

From that day on, Saiyou has been formulating plans to keep those with powers in check. He slowly gained three allies whom he trusted beyond all else and who hated the ‘freaks’ (as they had dubbed them) with all their being, to this day, Saiyou continues to oversee the issues of the Shurin and all those who attend Kaname’s murderous institution of Dark’s Academy.


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