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Minako Suzuki (Third loop) - Original Universe

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Minako Suzuki (Third loop) - Original Universe Empty Minako Suzuki (Third loop) - Original Universe

Post by ThePinkOne on Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:16 pm

Name: Minako Suzuki

Nickname: Mi-chan

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: witch

Class: Mage/Swordsman

Height: 5"5

Weight: 45kg

Personality: Minako is a fiesty woman. She likes to be in control, but also the blame even if it is not her fault. to people she does not know she acts cold, but that is only to ward people away. To people she is close to she is kind and gentle, especially to her twin sister. she cannot hide her emotions well, but she can hide her thoughts. Minako is strong and will not give up anything whether it is in battle or not, and she will not go without a fight.

Minako Suzuki (Third loop) - Original Universe Headphones_vocaloid_blue_eyes_megurine_luka_pink_hair_anime_anime_girls_detached_sleeves-t2

Advanced magic
Speed boost
(more to be added)

A rucksack
Smoke Bombs
three days worth of food
A plush cat
A crystal necklace
bracelets that help her channel her magic
A Katana

The kingdom of Celestia was said to be the city of demons, for in ancient times it was said that beings from the dark realm entered the human world and settled, and created this city, and country. It was also said that her own mother, Kira Queen of Celestia was the one who brought them there. But one day a human man had come to the country and fell in love with the demon queen. The human and the demon queen were never away from each other... until they found that the woman was pregnant. The demons furious that a mere human would touch their queen, never mind be the father of her children, had him killed.

Ten years passed since then, and the queen raised her 'twin' daughters... her eldest Minako who had pink hair which symbolized the royal blood of the demons, and Aki who had honey blonde hair and was strictly human like her father. Minako having the demon blood was raised as the next heir, of course not accepted by her people since she had human blood in her and was named "Witch" for not being demon, nor human. But Aki for some reason, had also had a weak body, nothing they could do could fix it, and it was said that she would not live a very long life. On the day of their eleventh birthday.... Aki changed. She started acting bitter to Minako.

Minako crushed now that her own twin hated her decided to start working in diplomacy. Hoping that one day she could get away from Celestia, and become a link between Celestia and the other kingdoms in the world.

Minako is now eighteen. She has become colder then she had once been. She has taken up the diplomatic duty from her mother, and she usually travels with her long time servant and friend kazuhiko who is supposed to help keep her safe.

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