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The Jester (Third Loop) - Original Universe

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The Jester (Third Loop) - Original Universe Empty The Jester (Third Loop) - Original Universe

Post by Ely- on Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:12 pm

Name: The names that are given by the Jester are usually false.

Nickname: The Jester

Age: Currently Unknown

Gender: It

Race: Human? Demon? Currently still unknown

Class: Mage specialized in different types of magic.

Height: 6'7?, 5'7?, 5'9?

Weight: -

Personality: There is not much to say about the Jester because there isn't much information on him but what can be said is that it is very cunning. The Jester has the ability to convince others into following it's goal and at times it seems trustworthy but don't let that fool you. He is a good actor, knows how to blend in and seems to be able to read all possible outcomes of different kind of situations in mere seconds, this shows that it is very intelligent but once it has the upper hand the Jester won't hestiate to show that by laughing hysterically into the face of it's enemy. The Jester's laugh alone indicates that he is out of his mind, insane. The addiction for power is noticable in it's personality.

Appearance with the staff of Rhapthorne:
The Jester (Third Loop) - Original Universe Thejester2

Abilities: Different kind of techinques and magic using the staff of Rhapthorne.

Items/Equipment: -

History/Biography: Travelling to the continents over the world. For reasons unknown so far.

Other: (if you got anything els about the Character)

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